DrDisrespect calls VALORANT "fairy game" out of Rage

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Apr/2020 02:16 pm

Cover And Thumbnail Image Courtesy: DrDisrespect

  • DrDisrespect loses his cool after getting fragged by an enemy OMEN.

  • The streamer goes on a rant hurling abuses at the player who fragged him while also calling VALORANT a "fairy game".

  • The user who fragged DrDisrespect threw shade at the streamer by typing "Drops Enabled" in the chat.

The new tactical shooter by Riot Games is not for everyone, VALORANT with its character-based abilities coupled with gunfighting mechanics from Counter-Strike is a tamed down version of Overwatch which requires some amount of patience to get a hang of, and popular streamer DrDisrespect seems to be struggling a bit with what he describes as being a “fairy game.”

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Playing with 'Pheonix' the streamer really lost it after he was gunned down by an 'Omen' from the opposite team. DrDisrespect had turned a corner after using a 'Curveball' to blind anyone on the other side but did not check the extreme corner, where an enemy 'Omen' was waiting to ambush anyone who crossed his path.

Following his death, the streamer went on an uncontrollable rant calling the player that killed him a “f**king pussy,” as he went on to list a few of his achievements before calling VALORANT a “fairy game.”

The player who had fragged DrDisrespect later revealed via a Reddit post that after fragging him he had written “Drops Enabled” in the chat to throw some shade at the streamer, who had been earlier accused of advertising false ‘VALORANT beta key drops’ on his stream title, when in fact they weren’t.

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People who follow the streamer know that this was nothing special and that it is pretty common to witness something like this when DrDisrespect streams.


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