DrDisrespect faces Backlash for Advertising False VALORANT Beta Key Drops on his Stream Title

Aditya Singh Rawat
9/Apr/2020 12:41 pm

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  • DrDisrespect uses deceptive stream title to lead viewers into believing drops were enabled on his livestream.

  • Faces backlash from the community and his peers for baiting viewers onto his stream when drops were not enabled.

With the release of VALORANT’s closed beta on 7th April, multiple Twitch streamers in a tie-up with Riot are broadcasting the game with beta key drops enabled on their channel. This had led to them getting a huge boost in the number of concurrent viewers, as users horded their channels in a bid to get their hands on a key drop.

Using this to his advantage, popular streamer DrDisrespect has been streaming VALORANT since the past two days under the title of “DROPS ALL DAY | @DrDisrespect” without any drops being enabled on his channel.

DrDisrespect Baits Viewers to his Stream

Even on his Twitter account, the streamer has been titling his posts in such a manner so as to indicate that beta key drops were enabled on his stream, when in-fact they weren't.

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The streamer has since been facing backlash from the community who have been pushing their luck to the limit by trying everything possible to get a key drop. Some esports personalities and streamers have also called him out, but it does not seem to have any effect on DrDisrespect who is shutting everyone down with his fierce replies.

Onscreen Informing Everyone About DrDisrespect's Stream not Giving Drops

For the viewers out there trying to get a drop, keep in mind to look for a tag labelled 'Drops Enabled'. The streams having this tag are the only ones through which viewers can expect to get a drop. Let’s see if DrDisrespect continues to stream the game using the same tactic or gives in to all the hate directed towards him.

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