U.S Navy steps into Esports with DreamHack and ESL NA Partnership

Aditya Singh Rawat
11/Feb/2020 09:37 am

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DreamHack and ESL North America have partnered with the U.S. Navy for the upcoming DreamHack Anaheim (21st-23rd Feb) and DreamHack Dallas (22nd-24th May). As a part of this partnership, the U.S. Navy has now become an ‘Official Festival Partner’ of both DreamHack Anaheim and Dallas.

As per the announcement made by DreamHack for DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020, the U.S. Navy will be bringing with them their own set of activities and “unique activations to elevate your BYOC experience” which includes stuff like, dedicated Navy row, Navy-sponsored BYOC tournaments, and officers engaging with BYOC-ers throughout the weekend.

“Within the U.S. Navy's experiential activation onsite, the U.S. Navy will host a LAN station, where fans can challenge Naval officers and veterans to compete in a variety of game titles.”

Not only this but “There will also be Naval IT/Engineers available onsite to assist with BYOC set-up and take-down.”

Rear Admiral Brendan R. McLane, Commander, U.S. Navy Recruiting Command said that,

“The Navy is excited to partner with DreamHack and ESL as we enter the esports space. Like the Navy, esports requires a variety of skills and roles, and a strong commitment to continual improvement. Our partnership will help align the U.S. Navy’s passion for competition with esports fans both onsite at DreamHack North American events and through unique online content on ESL channels.”

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The U.S. Navy will go a step ahead and integrate into DreamHack’s esports broadcasts as well, as its onsite activations and experiences “will be captured through branded content and distributed on DreamHack esports broadcasts and ESL channels.”

“We are honored to have this partnership with the U.S. Navy,” said Marcus Lindmark, Co-CEO of DreamHack. “We know gaming is a hobby for many who serve their country, so to unite our festivals in Anaheim and Dallas with this respected military branch is particularly meaningful to us.”

The U.S. Navy intends to reach out and connect with “tech-savvy fans” belonging to the esports community and are hence attempting to become an integral part of this upcoming ecosystem.

This, in fact, is not the first time that the defense organization of a country has turned its attention towards esports, with the Royal Netherlands Navy recently competing in a local CS:GO event, while the Royal Netherlands Army put up a stand last year during DreamHack Open Rotterdam.


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