Former CEO Alexander Garfield Upset with Evil Geniuses Rebranding Decision

Shounak Sengupta
14/Dec/2019 02:15 pm

Evil Geniuses decision to rebrand has not gone down well with the community and among the ones to express their feelings about this is former CEO, Alexander Garfield. Garfield was a key figure in building Evil Geniuses as a legacy brand in Esports. He expanded to form the Good Game Agency building both EG and the Alliance under it, before eventually selling it off to Twitch. 

He would continue to build the organizations under Twitch, before both orgs went their separate ways as player owned orgs. Soon after, Alexander Garfield along with other esport veterans founded Popdog, a technology and services company which looks to fix core issues in the esports and livestreaming industry. However, Garfield has always remained passionate about EG and often posts older content related to the org and shows his support whenever possible. 

EG’s recent rebrand saw them change up the iconic logo of the brand, a decision which hasn’t gone down well a lot folks. In a series of tweets the former CEO lamented his decision to sell the organization back in 2014 and blasted the current management for trying to let go of EG’s legacy. He offers a ‘history lesson’ to remind everyone about what EG stands for and slammed the management for not safeguarding its brand and legacy.



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