Fans are Pissed with Evil Geniuses’ New Logo and Brand Revamp

Vignesh Raghuram
13/Dec/2019 07:50 am

Images Courtesy: Evil Geniuses

For 20 years, it stood the test of time. But finally, it has changed. Evil Geniuses have just announced that they’re changing the iconic logo. They unveiled a new streamlined logo earlier today and their fans are definitely not happy about it.

The new logo is sleek and features the name ‘EVIL GENIUSES’ appearing over a dark background in white letters, with the large “V” in evil being the centrepiece of it. It is certainly, a departure from their iconic original logo which featured the company’s initials, E and G, in a tilted circular logo.

The brand has also redesigned its merchandise and jerseys and looks like it has changed its catchphrase from “Bleed Blue” to “Live Evil”.

2019 has been a monumental year for Evil Geniuses as the brand picked up two of the most promising teams in League of Legends: LCS and CS:GO to expand its horizon. This redesign might be an extension of the new direction that the company is moving in.

Fan Reactions to the Redesign

Fans were understandably not happy with the decision to change the iconic logo, with many expressing their displeasure on Twitter.

Even other esports teams trolled Evil Geniuses for their decision to make this their new logo.

No one likes ‘change’. Perhaps Evil Geniuses could have revamped their brand much more gradually, rather than change it all in one fell swoop.


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