Deimos Force’s Captain Talks About The LoL Scene In The Indian Subcontinent, And Its Future

Nutan Lele
31/May/2020 01:49 pm

The League of Legends scene in the Indian subcontinent saw some good moments throughout the year. Once buzzing with potential as Riot planned on setting up shop in India, today, the scene and the hype has quieted significantly. That hasn’t stopped Deimos Force, a Bangladeshi esport organisation, to invest in not one but two LoL squads. We talked to their captain Tariq Al Faysal to figure out what drove this decision, the future they see for the game, and where they hope to reach. 

1) When will we see Deimos Force in action? 

Ans: We have recently created two teams for League of Legends, Deimos Force (Green) and Deimos Force (Orange) which is mixed with both Bangladeshi and Indian players.

2) What led you to go with a roster of mixed nationalities?

Ans: One of the major reasons was the bonding between the players and their experience from past tournaments.

3) Will the mix of veterans and new blood cause any rift in mentality and the way you approach the game?

Ans: The team consists of both veterans and young blood players. Usually, the new players are not comfortable playing against veteran players which blocks them from playing at their full potential. So these veteran players play a big role by helping the newcomers by scrimming and guiding them.

4) What are your thoughts on COVID-19 affecting the LoL scene?

Ans: Due to COVID-19, everyone is forced to stay at home. So we are getting more online tournaments than usual but personally, I miss playing LANs.

5) What are your goals for the team?

Ans: Deimos Force wants to be the most recognized and accomplished organization in the subcontinent region.

6) Is there a possibility of a boot camp on the horizon? If not, how does the organization plan to support the players?

Ans: Yes, there is a possibility of boot camp. We had set up a boot camp before for our CS: GO team when they qualified for a Sri Lankan LAN event. We usually set up boot camp only when there is a major tournament going to happen.

7) What are the primary issues plaguing the Indian subcontinent scene?

Ans: Not having our own LoL server was the saddest thing that could happen to us as mostly all the tournaments are hosted online and people usually complain about their internet having lag spikes or disconnecting. Players of any age need to respect and show sportsmanship which is lacking between a lot of veteran players which is not a good example for future talents.

8)  Where do you think the eSports community in Bangladesh is headed?

Ans: It’s in a stable position but we at Deimos Force are trying our level best to grow the esports scene of the country to the next level.

9) What commitment would you like to give to young LoL players looking up to this roster?

Ans: Deimos as an organization is ready to fulfil all the demands of a normal pro player. Whenever we recruit any player in the organization we try to support them financially if that person is really skilled enough and has potential in him/her. This current roster is filled with promising talents, so the people watching can look up to them.

10) Can you tell me a little about the Semifinals? You had some technical issues but were able to come back from behind and take down Exulansis. 

Ans: Before the semifinals even started, for the past few days we as a team have been practising hard and the best part about this team is that everyone accepts their mistakes and tries not to repeat. But sometimes, when we end up doing some mistakes in that situation, Panda and I (support) try to motivate our teammates by saying that it's alright. Even after the first game when we had technical problems we had to ff as our sub was not available. I kept saying we have two more games and we have this. I believe having trust between each other led us to victory.


11) What are your thoughts going into the finals?

Ans: I personally think we as Deimos Force have the potential to win this final. In case, even if we don't win we will take these games as a lesson and try to improve on our mistakes so that we can give better performance next time.

We’d like to thank Tariq Al Faysal for his time. Catch Deimos Force in action in the TEC South Asia Championship League happening 


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