What Tier List Changes will League of Legends Patch 11.4 Bring?

Nutan Lele
12/Feb/2021 07:28 pm

Riot is bringing some major balance changes for ADCs in patch 11.4. Top tier ADCs like Kai'Sa and Samira are getting nerfs.
Top lane is getting nerfs to their sustain with both Renekton's Q and Camille's W healing being nerfed.
Viego is getting bug fixes to his interactions with enemy champions like Gragas, Lux and Hecarim.

The LoL tier list for patch 11.4 will probably change as Riot Games is nerfing popular champions like Kai’Sa and making changes to Samira and Viego who have been sitting on the top tier in the ADC and jungle tier list. With this new patch come many changes to items and champions alike and hence may substantially change the current League of Legends tier list for patch 11.4. In the top lane, the meta seems to be shifting back to the juggernauts with mid-lane seeing assassin champions like Yasuo, Yone, and Zed shine. While Olaf dropped a tier in the jungle, Elise, Hecarim, and Rammus are in the S tier with win rates over 51.42%. Riot is also buffing crit ADCs like Caitlyn and Jinx, which might help them move up in the LoL tier list. 

LoL Tier List Changes in Patch 11.4


In the top lane you’ll find the LoL tier list dominated by bruisers as the meta seems to be shifting back to the Juggernauts. Darius, Camille, Renekton, Malphite, Cho’Gath, and Aatrox were all S tier picks in the last patch. Each of these champions have good minion wave clear and have enough sustain to take on duels in the top lane. On top of that, each of their ultimates can potentially turn teamfights around. However, this patch Riot Games is reducing their sustain by nerfing healing abilities. Renekton’s Q healing is getting a nerf while Camille’s W, tactical sweep is getting a slightly higher cooldown at all ranks. 

camilleRiot Games is nerfing top lane sustain for Camille and Renekton in patch 11.4

Tryndamere’s basic auto-attack damage was increased and Urgot also received buffs to his W this patch. 


Hecarim and Udyr have not seen any changes so they should retain their top spot in the LoL tier list for junglers. These champions have strong jungle clears and can snowball ganks into victories. Their kit allows them to gank lanes easily. Hecarim relies on speed and can be a tank of a jungler. However, Hecarim is either all in or nothing on ganks. This makes him very high-risk, high-reward, especially in the early game. Skarner was in the S tier of the LoL tier list in patch 11.3 but his base HP and scaling have taken a hit. 

SkarnerJust as Skarner players were rejoicing at his return to the meta, he gets hit with a nerf.

Veigo is receiving a lot of tweaks in terms of his interactions with other champions like Gragas, Lux, and Hecarim. His Q’s healing is also now reduced to 100% against minions (from 150%).  


For the mid-lane, Phantom Dancer getting a tweak last patch lets AD assassins like Yone, Yasuo, Zed to the top in the LoL tier list for mid lane. Talon is currently in the A-tier but with buffs to his W, he could move upwards. Katarina also received a minor buff which will keep her in the S tier. 

VeigarVeigar is currently in the C tier, will these buffs help him rise to the top in an AD assassin meta? Unlikely.

Veigar is receiving some major buffs to his Q (lower mana cost) and ultimate (lower cooldown). Veigar was in the C tier in patch 11.3’s LoL tier list, so these buffs may help him climb a tier or two in the Lol tier list for mid. 

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Jhin, Kai'sa, Samira, and Miss Fortune were sitting on the S tier in the bot lane LoL tier list for patch 11.3. These champions deal a lot of crit damage, scale well into the late game, and can clear waves quickly. Players can also snowball on champions like Kai’Sa who also shred through tanks. Miss Fortune and Samira’s ultimates can be game-changing when used correctly in teamfights. While these ADCs deal a lot of crit damage, these aren’t purely crit ADCs. Their ability-based teamfight potential sets them apart from purely crit ADCs like Caitlyn or Jinx (who despite being buffed sit in the B tier). 

JinxADCs like Jinx were having a hard time in the last couple of patches, despite buffs.

However, in this patch, Riot decided to shake up the LoL tier list for bot lane by buffing Caitlyn and Jinx while nerfing Kai’Sa and Samira. All of Samira’s abilities except one took a hit with her passive, Q, W, and R getting big nerfs. The damage on her passive was decreased to 3.5% from 7.5% and her Q had its damage ratio and duration of whirl reduced. With the nerfs, her E cannot be cast on teammates and her R’s cooldown increase is quite substantial (from 3 to 8 seconds). Aphelios is one of the more complicated ADCs and despite being nerfed in older patches, he continues to be feared in pro play. Aphelios has been banned 34 times in the ongoing LCK Spring 2021 split but Riot Games has decided to leave him alone this patch.   

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In Patch 11.3, the engage supports remained in the top tier as Leona, Thresh, Morgana and Lulu were OP picks for the LoL tier list. Pairing an aggressive Leona with a high damage ADC could help you dominate lanes while versatile supports like Thresh don’t ever go out of meta. In patch 11.4, Riot Games decided to nerf Moonstone Renewer. This may put Seraphine in a shaky position in the top spot on the LoL tier list since she also received a nerf last patch to her passive and W shield. Riot’s AP buff on Rell did not do much to increase her win rate. Braum’s ultimate received a cooldown buff this patch and Soraka’s Q and healing also got buffed. 


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