Youtuber Points Fingers At Voyboy For Being ‘Part Of The Problem’

Nutan Lele
6/May/2020 10:38 am

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  • Youtuber accuses Voyboy of 'being part of the problem' in video calling out him and Tyler1
  • Voyboy responds explaining his logic behind the pick. 

A YouTuber called ‘Waygzh’ has come out with a video pointing fingers at the streamer and other influencers like Tyler1 for being “part of the problem” with regard to increasing player toxicity in solo queue. The video shows Tyler1 leaving a game because of misplays by his support and getting chat restricted, among other things.

Waygzh also features clips by Voyboy trying out off-meta picks like Ezreal support and feeding, though unintentionally. Voyboy has come out with a response explaining the logic behind his pick saying, “I’ve been wanting to try Ezreal support with Muramana and abuse Presence of Mind on him for a while, with Grasp.” He also mentions that his ADC Lucian said they could try out an unorthodox bot lane combination.

The Lucian player responded in a Reddit thread saying, “I was the Lucian, I wanted Voy to play Ezreal support, it was gonna be a good lane. We actually just got unlucky at level 1 and got stomped by a 2020 champ. (Sett) As far as I know, our other teammates did not have a problem with Ezreal support either. One of our teammates even said "show us the tech Voy" or something along those lines.”

Majority of players seem to have a consensus that the community is extremely toxic. Voyboy recently posted a video discussing the problems he and other ranked players are facing. Regarding the last five months of Season 10, Voyboy stated, “It’s just been getting worse and worse and worse every year, and I think that there’s a lot of factors have contributed to this over time. ” He even mentions going to Riot Headquarters itself and discussing the issues of toxicity 2 years ago with a couple of Riot representatives, and that it would soon reach critical mass.


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