Redditor Shows Why We’ve Been Converting Our CS:GO-to-Valorant Sensitivities Wrong

Nutan Lele
12/Jun/2020 02:34 pm

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  • Reddit user points out players dividing by 3.181818 to convert their CS:GO sensitivities to Valorant have been wrong.
  • They've done the math and say you should divide by either or 3.3735 or 2.5316.

With several CS:GO skills translating well into Valorant, many players are looking for the perfect sensitivity to play with. There are many baselines out there, the most common is to divide it by 3.181818.  One Reddit user shows us why we’ve been calculating our Valorant sensitivities wrong. 

In-game sensitivity controls how fast you turn in the game, and having the right mouse sensitivity is vital to FPS games. Players who’ve played years of CS:GO are looking to carry over their muscle memory to Valorant. Many have been converting their sensitivity by dividing their CS:GO sensitivity by 3.181818. But Reddit user binkaaa points out in a post that “this doesn't actually give you correct aim, only a correct abstract sense of movement in the world.” Dividing by that number will give you a sense of the environment but there is a difference in the field of view between the two games by 3.26 degrees. 

This means players will not get the same sensitivity. The Redditor ran the math and for 16:9 users of both CSGO and Valorant or 4:3 BlackBar users on 16:9 going to 16:9 native Valorant, you should try dividing your CS:GO sensitivity by 3.3735. For 4:3 stretched CS:GO users moving to 16:9 Valorant, try dividing your CS:GO sens by 2.5316. While he hasn’t tested this, he believes it to be mathematically correct.

Finally, the scope settings for 16:9 users would be to correct the 2.5x Valorant scope by a factor of 0.747 and for 4:3 users it would be 0.561. 


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