Here’s How To Get A 73-kill Victory In VALORANT

Nutan Lele
25/May/2020 03:48 pm

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Twitter

  • Player ‘lunariwnl’ achieved a whopping 73 kills in a game of Valorant.
  • He got placed into a smurf game which helped him scale this height.

Valorant is just a week away from release on 2nd June and players continue to reach new heights as the closed beta comes to a close. While competitive players search for that next rank, some have been chasing kill-records. 

23rd May saw a game with a whopping 73 kills. Player ‘lunariwnl’ achieved this feat while they were ‘still learning’ the game. After days of dedication, they soon climbed to Gold 1. “As my ranked [rating] increased, my previous MMR stayed the same. So even though I got better at the game.” He said, “I’m not shroud, I’m not good at the game. I basically got placed into a smurf game.”

The unrated record was a result of a number of Aces and dozens of unexpected flanks. With only a few days left until the closed beta ends, it's interesting to see someone with such a record.


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