Here’s A Breakdown of JDG and Gen.G’s group in the Upcoming Mid Season Cup

Nutan Lele
24/May/2020 08:44 am
  • It's anyone's game in Group B as JDG, DRX, Gen.G and IG clash in the Mid Season Cup.

The Mid Season Cup is going to be one of the most competitive and hyped tournaments in recent past. Group B of the Mid Season Cup consists of LPL champions JD Gaming, LCK finalists Gen.G, Dragon X and the legendary(?) Invictus Gaming.

Despite not winning the title, DragonX did not have a bad campaign in the first split of LCK 2020. They finished in third place during the season and were defeated by T1 in the semifinals where they also finished third. DragonX sometimes plays a more solo lane focused playstyle. Chovy’s mid lane has been stronger this year compared to last and so has Deft’s ADC. Ever since Doran’s switch from Griffin to DRX, fans have expected a lot from him but his performance has been inconsistent except perhaps when he plays Irelia. Pyosik may face some issues in the jungle, especially given the group DragonX is playing in.

Gen.G’s performance really stood out in this 2020 LCK Spring Split compared to previous years. The team finished as first seed but were unable to beat rivals T1 in the Spring Split finals. Despite getting swept at the end, Gen.G’s mid-laner Bdd was named the LCK Spring Split MVP. With a consistent ADC, Gen G’s bot focused play is where their strength lies right now. 

JDG’s gameplay is a bit scattered, but their mechanical skill and team-fight execution are what took them to the top. JDG’s Kanavi distinguished himself as the MVP of the Spring Split with some amazing jungle plays and if the team drafts and plays around him and Zoom also has some great carry potential, given his performance in the last Split. Their relatively weaker bot lane could be an issue but if jungle and top do well, they have a shot at coming out on top in this group.  

Invictus Gaming has not had a good split. Despite entering the playoffs as China’s top-ranked team, IG was nowhere close to their regular split form. Their games are always chaotic, with the team struggling to find a foothold. Leyan’s farming focused playstyle doesn’t do well in a meta where jungle ganks come a lot earlier and are more frequent. Their top lane TheShy also hasn’t been performing well either. Invictus really needs to get their act together with TheShy stepping it up and Rookie looking to carry the team. 

It’ll be interesting to see if Invictus Gaming can get their redemption and prove why they were once called legendary. This group is quite a mixed bag but JDG and Gen.G could come out on top in Group B. 


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