Let’s Breakdown T1 And FPX’s Group For The Mid Season Cup

Nutan Lele
23/May/2020 05:33 pm
  • Group A pits favourites T1 against Spring Split finalists TES and last year's world champions FPX.

The Mid Season Cup promises to be one of the most competitive tournaments in recent LoL history with the potential for three World Championship title holders: T1, FunPlus Phoenix and Invictus Gaming are set to clash on Summoners Rift. Group A is looking very strong with Damwon Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, Top Esports and favourites T1.

Damwon Gaming hasn’t changed too much since the Spring Split, keeping the same roster. The only change in the recent Split was the addition of new coaches. Their bot side continues to be a relatively weak link and their macro calls seem more reactionary but the swap with Ghost playing support could prove a strong asset for the team. He has been known as a great shot caller ever since his SANDBOX days. 

Doinb has been one of FunPlus’s carries with the team playing around him. The mid laner plays more like a roaming jungler, constantly devoting time and resources to other lanes. Jungler Tian and support Crisp do end up providing Doinb much needed support but their top side ends up faltering. No matter what you ban out, they end up drafting other champions and playing the exact same way, which in the current meta may not be too ideal. That being said, their playstyle still makes them formidable opponents. 

Top Esports looked good through the regular season, with former world champion JackeyLove added to the lineup. Synergising well with his teammates, he built on an already strong base with top laner 369, mid-laner knight and legendary jungler Karsa. knight and 369 are their own playmakers and knight vs Faker is a matchup everyone is excited to watch. TES looks strong in the current meta and with JackeyLove’s shot-calling, they cannot be discounted. 

The Faker led T1 went 14-4 in the regular season and 6-1 in the Playoffs to be crowned the LCK 2020 Spring Champions, enough said. A well-rounded team with all laners having carry potential, Teddy has been a consistently good ADC and Faker is comfortable on a variety of picks. Canna also has a versatile roster. We see him comfortable on both tanks like Ornn and carry type champions like Jayce. T1 is one of the favourites of the season, regularly being described as one of the best teams in the world right now.

With some amazing matches coming up in Group A, T1 and TES will be expected to top Group A with T1 leading the pack in the tournament.


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