Our Top Picks for League of Legends in Patch 10.10

Nutan Lele
22/May/2020 12:42 pm

Cover, thumbnail and other images courtesy Riot Games

  • Our best picks for top, mid, jungle, ADC and support.

There are a variety of League of Legends laners that counter each other. Some vary in strength based on metas, others vary depending on matchups. Here are some of the champions that are good picks to climb in solo queue in Patch 10.10.

Wukong [Top]

Wukong is untouched in this patch. Riot seems to have left him alone after nerfing him in patch after patch since his release. However, nerfs to other top laners in this patch have really put the Monkey King in the lead at top lane, until the next round of nerfs hits him.

Current Winrate: 51.95%

Annie [Mid]

The little fire mage’s changes were mainly to her defensive abilities. When she has the chance to output the damage she does incredibly well, one-shotting squishes with her AOE damage. Annie has always had trouble getting initiated upon due to her low mobility without Flash and limited disengage options. The changes to her Molten Shield (E) are helping her with up to a 30% boost to her previous damage reduction. Combined with an increase to Tibbers (R) damage, she is a great pick at mid.

Current Winrate: 53.11%

Graves [Jungle]

This mobile, tanky jungle pick is great for players who master the cigar toting outlaw. Graves has proved a strong pick against champions like Ornn who can be kited in the top lane. He’s great when played as a kiting jungle who deals a lot of damage over time, chipping away at his enemies health. He’s an absolute unit when snowballing with a dash that passes through walls and smoke bombs which slows and denies vision. Graves is our pick for an ease in the jungle. 

Current Winrate: 51.41%

Twitch [Marksman]

Nobody is playing Twitch right now but he’s our ultimate sleeper marksmen pick for this patch. Nerfs to other marksmen have affected their power levels quite a bit. This means that Twitch is growing indirectly in power. A solo queue god, there’s a reason he should be picked more often. He’s in a great place to clean up enemy squishies and exploits mispositioning quite well.

Current Winrate: 52.11%

Bard [Support]

Seeing Bard as a god-tier support is really nostalgic. His kit had a lot of potential upon release. Bard is extremely powerful right now, capable of dealing some decent damage as well as providing some great utility as a support pick. Consistency is key with him.

Current Winrate: 52.49%


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