MAD Lions Madrid’s Werlyb Pulls Off A Clutch Irelia Play In Grandmaster Elo Ranked Game

Nutan Lele
17/May/2020 02:39 pm

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  • Werlyb gets an insane quadra kill with a clutch play on Irelia top.

Jorge "Werlyb" Casanovas Moreno-Torres, currently top laner for MAD Lions Madrid outplayed 4 enemies to get a stellar quadra kill in a Grandmaster Elo game. Despite being outnumbered, the player pulled off a clutch play with Irelia showing why he has a 67% win rate on her.

The enemy team saw a favourable 4v1 matchup despite Zoe’s fall to Werlyb and went in to take down the player who was playing on his ‘El Casanovas’ solo queue account. The player initially decided to back away but then turned around when his ultimate came back up. After procing Vanguard's Edge, the player expertly sidesteps Veigar’s stun and Bladesurge’s towards him to get the first kill.  

The Ionian Blade dancer lives up to her name as Werlyb flashes out to avoid Karma’s root before using the cooldown reset on Bladesurge to zip from a minion to the next priority target, Caitlyn. The player consumes all the marks left behind by the ultimate to keep resetting his Q, jumping from one target to another, as Triumph kicks in with each kill to give him a 12% health boost. At one point he goes as low as 28 health!

Irelia has one of the lowest win rates (45.37%) for top lane in the current patch. However, in the right hands, she can be an absolute beast. 


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