Why Does Lux Have 13 skins And Ornn Has Only 1?

Nutan Lele
1/May/2020 05:35 pm

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  • Riot talks about why certain champions get more skins than others
  • Skins for popular champions fund more content for a free-to-play game.
  • More neglected champions to get skins this year.

As Riot has increased the number of events coming up every year, players have been getting some amazing new skins (think Pajama Guardian Urgot). Each event has also featured a guaranteed prestige edition unlockable. The upcoming Summer Festival is sure to get us a bounty of even more content. With the release of new skins comes the question, “Will my main get a skin this time?” Why do some champions like Lux, Alistair and Akali get so many skins while others like Kindred and Bard get so few or even none year after year?

In fact, some players have kept count of ‘days since last skin’ with champions like Skarner going a whopping 1832 days since a skin release! Someone asked Riot that same question and this is the answer they got. 

 “We often prioritize skins for our most popular champions, like Lux and Kai’Sa, because they reach a huge number of players. Not only does this mean we can delight a lot of people at once, but it also directly funds our ability to make skins for champs with small-but-dedicated playerbases.”

It’s business

This is certainly a polite way of saying that at the end of the day, League is a free-to-play game so their business has to come from somewhere.  In-game cosmetics are a crucial part of what enables Riot to keep funding and producing great content for League every year. So skins for popular champions aren’t going anywhere. So the next time you say “Oh god! Is that another Lux skin?” Remember, that 14th Lux skin might just help you Skarner mains reset that timer! 

At the start of the year, Riot had announced plans to make skins for 16 champs who haven’t gotten much love. They announced in an update video that skins for champs like Ornn and Bard would be coming to the store soon

They also mentioned that this list wasn’t exhaustive so don’t fret if you don’t see your main in it. Champions like Olaf, Zyra, and Renekton weren’t on the list but they all got a skin recently. 


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