Incredible Dota 2 Bug Allows Players to Find the Real Hero Among Its Illusions

Rakshak Kathuria
19/Mar/2021 02:23 pm

An illusion Dota 2 bug allows players to find out the real hero among its illusions.
The bug can be exploited in the next 10 seconds after the creation of illusions by a hero by hovering over any of its items.
If the cursor will be placed on any illusion of the real hero, the item will read “Can be Disassembled.” However, if the cursor is on the real hero, this message won’t be displayed.

Some insane Dota 2 bugs that have the potential to significantly alter the game have been discovered by the community over the past two weeks. The most recently discovered one, shared by Reddit user ‘vasjae’, on March 18, 2021, allows Dota 2 players to actually determine the real hero among its illusions in the case of every hero. The bug can be exploited in 10 seconds of the illusions being created by that very hero, simply by hovering over any of its items. If the cursor is placed on any of the illusions, the item will read “Can be Disassembled.”, however, if the cursor is on the real hero, this particular message will not be displayed.

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Dota 2 bug helps differentiate the real hero from its illusions

The most incredible thing about this illusion glitch is that it can be used on any hero by hovering over any equipped item. So, it not only works on heroes like Phantom Lancer, Naga Siren, and Terrorblade that have natural abilities to create illusions, but can also be exploited in case of any other hero that builds a Manta Style, has Illusionist’s Cape as the neutral item, or spawns an Illusion rune.

If a player is certain that the illusion(s) has been created in the last 10 seconds, the real hero can be discovered.

Phantom Lancer Illusion bugIf the cursor is aimed on an illusion created in the last 10 seconds, any item (Butterfly here) will read "Can be Disassembled."
Phantom Lancer Illusion BugWhen placed on the real hero, the "Can be Disassembled" message will not appear on the screen.It is to be noticed here that this illusion bug works only when a player aims at an item in the six inventory slots or at the ones in the Backpack.  The bug will not function if the pointer is placed on the enemy hero’s equipped Neutral item.

The Dota 2 bug was explained through a YouTube video posted on Krevs’ channel. 

In Phantom Lancer’s case, though it will be really tough to find out the real hero since he consistently keeps spawning illusions, the bug can be used effectively when he tries to juke after using Doppelganger. In other heroes’ cases, if items like Manta Style and Illusionist's Cape are popped in front of the enemy, the glitch can help determine the original hero. 

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This glitch is especially exploitable in high MMR pubs as the players have relatively higher mechanical skills and can rapidly judge the real hero. Even in professional matches, players can exploit this without easily getting caught by the in-game admins. 

Valve will have to respond to this bug as soon as possible to prevent it from hampering pub as well as professional games.


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