Game Breaking Dota 2 Bug Allows Players to Tame Roshan and Enemies

Rakshak Kathuria
15/Mar/2021 02:36 pm

A Dota 2 bug involving Morphing, Axe and Huskar allows Axe to tame Roshan and make it infinitely chase him for the rest of the game.
The bug can also be used against an enemy to make him follow Axe. Even if the enemy is killed, he will continue to follow Axe after getting respawned.
If Axe dies under the effect of this bug, the Roshan will stay still until the hero respawns, after which it starts chasing the hero again.

A Dota 2 bug that has the capacity to potentially break the game has been discovered by the community. A team needs to have the three heroes of Morphing, Axe, and Huskar to exploit this bug successfully. Once successfully used, it allows a team to tame Roshan, pull him out of his pit, and make him infinitely chase the player playing Axe for the rest of the game. The combo of spells used by these three heroes to tame Roshan can be used in a similar way to tame an enemy and make him chase you for the remainder of the game. Even if the enemy is killed, he will continue to follow Axe after getting respawned. 

Disclaimer: AFK Gaming does not endorse exploiting bugs in Dota 2 matchmaking.

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Incredible Dota 2 bug makes the Roshan and enemies chase you

This bug broke into the public on March 14, 2021, when a YouTube channel, Dota 2 Tips, posted a video where the Roshan was seen hunting down Axe. It is to be noted that the tamed character - whether it is the Roshan or the enemy-will chase Axe and keep hitting him within its respective attack range. While this bug can be highly effective when used against an enemy as you can keep killing him infinite times, it is quite a bizarre interaction when used against Roshan.

Regardless, here is how the Roshan bug actually works.

(Morphling and Huskar need to have Aghanim’s Scepter)

  1. Head over to the Roshan Pit and break the creature's Linken’s Sphere.
  2. Huskar uses Life Break on Roshan, which taunts him because of the Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade.
  3. Axe immediately follows up with his Berserker's Call, which again taunts the creature.
  4. Morphling morphs into Axe using the Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade and then uses Berserker's Call to taunt the Roshan again.
  5. The bug is exploited as the big man will start chasing Axe for the rest of the game.
Roshan bug involving Huskar, Axe and Morphling If Axe dies, the Roshan will stay still until the hero respawns, after which he kickstarts the hunting journey again.
Screengrab Via Dota 2 Tips YouTube
Here is a video depicting the bug.

It has been reported that Axe needs to use Berserker’s Call again on the affected creature to reverse the effect of this glitch. While Axe and Morphling are the essential heroes, any other skill in the game which “taunts” the enemy/Roshan like Legion Commander’s Duel can be used as a replacement to Huskar's Life Break to exploit this bug.

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Recently, an Alchemist exploit that allowed the hero to gift 4200 gold to an ally in addition to an Aghanim’s Scepter was discovered. It is to be understood that this bug is different from the normal in-game interaction of refunding 4200 gold to the targeted ally who already bought the Aghanim’s Scepter on his own.


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