Dota 2 Meta: Top 3 Carries, Midlaners and Offlaners

Rakshak Kathuria
11/Mar/2021 05:18 pm

The current Dota 2 meta has developed over the last three months, since patch 7.28 was unveiled in December 2020.
The entire 2021 DPC Season was played in the 7.28 patch which has provided us with the top carry, midlane and offlane heroes of the current Dota 2 meta.
Here is a look at the top three carry, midlane and offlaners out of all the heroes.

The current Dota 2 meta, which comprises the 7.28 patch, has been around for nearly three months now. Three updates have impacted the current Dota 2 meta - the sizable hero and item changes in 7.28a and 7.28b and the minor hero changes in 7.28c. The entire 2021 DPC Season 1 has been played on this patch, and we have witnessed the meta develop over time. High MMR players are also picking those heroes that the professionals have favorited during this six-week DPC season. Before the top teams who are set to compete in the Singapore Major potentially change the meta once again by piloting new strategies and hero combos, here is a look at the top 3 carries, midlaners and offlaners, in the current Dota 2 meta.

(in no chronological order. All data taken from Dotabuff)

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Dota 2 Meta: Top 3 Carries

Wraith King

The ‘Skeleton King’ has been one of the most reliable carry heroes in the current Dota 2 meta as he remained a top priority for many teams throughout the 2021 DPC Season 1. The primary reason behind Wraith King’s success has been the changes to his Lifesteal and Crit abilities. He now crits every four seconds and gains an insane amount of hp because of the Lifesteal. 

In the Divine/ Immortal bracket (>5K MMR) in the current month, the hero has a pick rate of 16.97%, which is the sixth-highest in the bracket. He has a decent win rate of 50.56%, which is relatively higher than most carry heroes, with a pick rate of more than 10%. 

Troll Warlord

Troll Warlord has the highest win rate in the Divine/ Immortal bracket among traditional carry heroes with a pick rate of more than 10%. He has been a stable carry hero to play as he has not been changed much in the recent matches. The Aghanim’s Scepter change in 7.28 is noteworthy, but professional players have mostly resorted to the Battlefury build. A strong BKB timing, favorable/ even matchups against most carries, and decent late-game scaling is what makes Troll Warlord one of the top carries in the current Dota 2 meta. 

In the Divine/ Immortal bracket in the current month, the hero has a 12.49% pick rate and a win rate of 52.61%.


Ursa has been one of the most picked carry players in the 2021 DPC Season 1. The subtle changes to Ursa’s skills in 7.28 have resulted in a significant increase in his laning prowess. Buffs to Overpower have made him extremely potent as players now easily choose between Earthshock- Fury Swipes and Overpower- Fury Swipes, depending on the situation. Though his Aghanim’s Shard is not necessary, it has significantly helped the bear hunt down enemy heroes without popping Enrage, making him a much better late-game threat. 

With the fifth-highest pick rate in the current month at 17.48% in the Divine/ Immortal bracket, Ursa has a win rate of 49.92%. 

Ursa Loading ScreenImage Via Dota 2 GamepediaHeroes like Alchemist and Phantom Lancer have recently become quite popular as players have discovered the right ways of playing them. However, Wraith King, Troll Warlord, and Ursa’s popularity throughout the meta make them stand out. 

Dota 2 Meta: Top 3 Midlaners

Death Prophet

Though Death Prophet’s Spirit Siphon stopped reducing enemy movement speed from 7.28, Valve introduced a concurrent increase in the hero’s movement speed and the turn rate. Over time, the hero’s increase in movement speed and turn rate have shown their value as Death Prophet now just charges towards the enemy midlaner, sucking its health. She is one of the most stable heroes in the midlane as she has the right mix of magic and physical damage, the ability to push towers, and an insane amount of survivability with just a Eul Scepter. 

With a decent pick rate of 10.85% in the Divine/ Immortal bracket in the current month, Death Prophet has the eighth-highest win rate overall, at 54.14%. 


Puck has arguably been the most picked hero in the current Dota 2 meta as it is almost chosen every other game. Although it has been played in almost every role, its maximum potential is realized when played in the mid lane. The hero rose to popularity in December 2020 - January 2021 after a ton of buffs to all of its skills. Puck continues to be chosen very frequently even now, ideally because of its mobility, the efficiency of its skills, and the ability to switch between both magical and physical damage builds. 

Despite the nerfs in 7.28b and 7.28c, Puck is the most picked hero in the Divine/ Immortal bracket in the current month with a pick rate of 20.29%. Its win rate is also high, at 51.16%.

Void Spirit

Following Puck, Void Spirit is another very popular hero and has been the go-to mid hero for professional Dota 2 players in the current patch. The hero has never been nerfed/buffed too heavily since its release in November 2019. Similar to Puck, Void Spirit is elusive, and each spell fulfills a big purpose combined with decent nukes.

Void Spirit is the second most picked hero in the Divine/ Immortal bracket in the current month with a pick rate of 20.09%. His win rate is decent, at 49.13%.

Dota 2 Meta: Top 3 Offlaners


Beastmaster has always been one of the most steady offlaners in recent patches. The hero’s strength with Necronomicon always keeps him relevant, and whenever the item receives a buff, Beastmaster experiences a massive boost in winrate. The item earned a small buff in patch 7.28, which has been a driving force behind Beastmaster’s popularity and success in the current meta.

The strong early game combined with the late-game utility that his hawk provides has caused Beastmaster to have the fourth-highest win rate in the Divine/ Immortal bracket at 55.10%, with a pick rate of 11.97% over the last month.


Timbersaw had a few minor buffs/nerfs in the recent versions of patch 7.28, but he has proven to be a strong offlaner throughout the entire DPC season. High tank potential and the ability to drive enemy carry heroes out of the lane makes Timbersaw a first phase pick option for many Dota 2 teams/ players. Though the hero falls off in the latter stages in many games, the space he creates in the early-mid game, makes Timbersaw a top offlaner in the current meta. 

In the Divine/ Immortal bracket in the current month, Timbersaw has a decent pick rate as well as win rate, at 12.08% and 51.32%, respectively. 


Enigma empowers a team with one of the most impactful spells in the game - Blackhole. His laning phase has also been improved significantly in the current patch because of the buffs to his Eidolons. He can easily deny ranged creeps with Demonic Conversion and then micro the Eidolons to deny the melee ones, making it tough for the enemy carry heroes to farm in the laning phase. Enigma has a decent skillset combined with one of the best BKB timings thanks to his strong laning and farming potential due to the Eidolons.

Enigma has the third-highest win rate in the Divine/ Immortal bracket in the current month at 56.01% with a pick rate of 10.59%.

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Dota 2 Meta: Special Mention

Monkey King

Monkey King has undoubtedly been a staple in the mid and the safe lane in the current patch with a strong winrate and hence deserves a special mention in this list. The hero can be picked comfortably in the first phase as a flex pick and then adjusted into various roles depending upon the game situation. OG’s offlaner, Ceb, even showed that players could play it in the offlane with Witch’s Blade. Monkey King has been considered one of the most versatile heroes in the current meta and Puck and Void Spirit. 

Monkey King has a 16.77% pick rate and a 51.17% win rate in the Divine/ Immortal bracket in the current month.


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