Is the Dota 2 Game Coordinator Down? How to Check

Rakshak Kathuria
23/Feb/2021 03:36 pm

Dota 2's game coordinator quite frequently gets updates or goes down for short periods of time.
However, if you can not queue or watch games for a long period, you can check if the Dota 2 game coordinator with the help of the 'Steam Status' website.
Steam Status is a third party application that shows 'Normal' when the Dota 2 game coordinator is working properly and when there is an issue, it will show ‘NotLoggedOn’ or ‘HTTP Error 503’ or ‘Unknown.’

Dota 2’s game coordinator is frequently updated and optimized by Valve so, during this period, players are barred from queuing or watching live games. While these updates are usually short and players do not need to get bothered, the Dota 2 game coordinator sometimes can become down for a long time. Players are then left wondering if they have some internal problems with their own system or if there is an issue from the backend. In such a case, though there is no official website or testing tool by Valve to check, there are some third-party applications and websites that Dota 2 players usually use to check if the Dota 2 game coordinator is down or not. 

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Using ‘Steam Status’ to check Dota 2 Game Coordinator’s status

A product of the Steam database website, SteamDB, ‘Steam Status’, can be used to know if the Dota 2 game coordinator is working or not. If there are no issues with the game coordinator, the website, which frequently refreshes, will show ‘Normal’ as represented in the following image. 

Dota 2 Game Coordinator status as per Steam StatusAfter you open Steam Status, scroll down a little and on the left hand side, you can find the status of the Dota 2 game coordinator.
Snip Via Steam Status
However, if there are issues with the game coordinator and it is not working at the moment, it will show ‘NotLoggedOn’ or ‘HTTP Error 503’ or ‘Unknown.

Valve does not communicate any minor or short-lived game coordinator issues but if there is a major outage, they might apprise the people using their social media handles. 

However, Steam Status does, from time to time, post any updates regarding issues with the Dota 2 game coordinator on their Twitter handle. You can follow them HERE.

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What can you do while the Dota 2 game coordinator is down?

Dota 2 is equally fun to play as well as to watch so you can head over to YouTube or Twitch to find out livestreams and VODs of tournament games. The Dota 2 game coordinator is usually down for a specific region so you will find a number of streamers playing on other servers live on Twitch and YouTube. There are also a number of dedicated channels that provide regular tournament highlights and amusing teamfight gameplay clips, picked from random pubs.


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