NA Streamer Mason Eats a Dollar Bill After Losing Bet on EG vs Quincy Crew

Rakshak Kathuria
19/Feb/2021 01:28 pm

NA Dota 2 streamer, Mason, made a bet of eating a $1 USD note on livestream during the EG vs Quincy series last night.
He had promised that he would eat the note if EG picked Nyx Assassin in the third game, which they eventually did. Mason was then seen fulfilling his promise.
A similar comical episode had occurred in EU DPC League's official stream a couple of weeks back when Dota 2 analyst, Kyle, had run naked on snow on livestream after losing a bet.

Mason, a popular NA Dota 2 streamer on Twitch, known for his antics and witty comments, was involved in yet another crazy incident on livestream. While casting the series between Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew the previous night, Mason "mason" Venne made a bet on whether or not EG would pick Nyx Assassin in the third game. He stated that he would be eating a $1 USD bill live on stream if they did. Unfortunately for him, EG did pick Nyx Assassin in the first phase, after which Mason tore the note into pieces and ate it.

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Mason eats a Dollar note on stream after EG picks Nyx Assassin in NA DPC League

Throughout the first two games, Mason had been apprehensive of EG picking Nyx Assassin for their position four-player, Andreas Franck "Cr1t-" Nielsen. According to him, Cr1t- was not able to have a high impact on this hero, and he had also died just before the final crucial teamfights in the first two games. He also felt that EG was picking this hero just because they did not want to play against it. 

So in the final game, Mason was so confident that EG would not be picking Nyx Assassin that he promised to eat the Dollar bill on stream. He looked nonplussed when EG picked the hero as he went speechless for some seconds. Then, the NA streamer turned on some music, tore the bill into pieces, and went on to eat it.  The Twitch chat went bonkers on it as they spammed “LULW” and “OMEGALUL.” 

A similar type of funny episode had occurred on DreamLeague’s official stream of EU DPC 2021 Season 1 a couple of weeks back when Lower Division teams, No Bounty Hunter and Meta4Pro, played against each other. In this case, Dota 2 analyst Kyle "Kyle" Freedman had promised to run naked on snow if No Bounty Hunter lost the first game, which they eventually did. Kyle was then seen running on the street filled with snow outside DreamLeague’s studio.

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Who is Mason?


EG's roster at TI4Mason played with one of the best Dota 2 players at TI4- Arteezy, UNiVeRsE, Zai, and ppd.
Image Via Liquipedia (Valve)
Mason first rose to relevancy with his stint as a stand-in with Evil Geniuses back in 2014. With him in the lineup, Evil Geniuses managed to secure a Top 3 finish at TI4. Despite enjoying a reasonable amount of success with EG, they parted ways soon after TI4. Since then, the American had occasionally played competitive Dota 2 with Digital Chaos in 2017 and Infamous in 2019. Mason is now a full-time streamer who streams daily on Twitch and has become a popular figure amongst the North American Dota 2 audience. 


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