Evil Geniuses vs Quincy Crew: Results, Highlights, Interview

Rakshak Kathuria
19/Feb/2021 10:05 am

Quincy Crew defeated Evil Geniuses 2-1 to end their unbeaten streak at the NA DPC 2021 Season 1: Upper Division.
Quincy Crew, themselves, remain undefeated in the tournament and as a result of this win, take the top spot in the points table from EG who have slipped down to the second position.
EG will play its seventh and last series against 5ManMidas on February 25 while Quincy plays its second last series against Sadboys on February 21.

Evil Geniuses (EG) faced off against Quincy Crew in the NA DPC 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division last night. Though EG was touted to have the upper hand going into the series, Quincy Crew showcased a spectacular performance to win the series 2-1 and snatch the top spot in the points table from the TI5 champions. While Quincy Crew lost a very hard-fought first game, they made easy work of their Evil Geniuses in the second and the third game to secure the win. As a result they remain undefeated in the NA DPC 2021 DPC Season 1: Upper Division with a 5-0 W-L record, while Evil Geniuses have incurred their first defeat.

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Quincy Crew defeats Evil Geniuses in the ultimate NA Dota 2 showdown

While EG’s reputation and results are widely popular, their absence from the competitive scene in much of 2020 allowed Quincy Crew to reign supreme in the NA region. So, this series was a much-awaited one as Dota 2 fans wanted to witness who was the ruler of NA Dota 2. 

Game 1 was a thriller as both teams displayed top quality Dota 2, playing around their items and cooldowns and only taking fights when necessary. A crucial Roshan fight saw Arteezy slither away with very low hp on Alchemist as he got lucky with a Flicker jump. This proved to be the decisive factor as Quincy had used all their spells on him as he had buyback on cooldown. As a result, EG was able to wipe Quincy Crew to take the first game in 41 minutes.

Game 2 saw Quincy Crew taking Alchemist for YawaR while EG picked Storm Spirit in the second phase only for Abed. Quincy got ahead in the laning phase and, despite having a relatively slow-paced draft, played very aggressively and kept killing all of EG’s cores. With a wealthy free farm Alchemist, Quincy took the second game in 38 minutes.

Game 3 witnessed Quincy deliver a flawless performance as they outplayed their enemies in all departments. Arteezy’s Medusa tried to go all-in with a Divine Rapier in one of their last fights, but Quincy was too strong as they took the third game in just 33 minutes with a scoreline of 26-4.

The full highlights of the match can be viewed in the following video.

EG now has only one series left now, against 5ManMidas on February 25. On the other hand, YawaR and his teammates have two, against Sadboys on February 21 and Undying on February 25.

Points table of NA DPC 2021 Season 1: Upper DivisionUndying and 4 Zoomers still have a chance of making it to the Major. Sadboys, after their shocking defeat against Black N Yellow yesterday, are now out of contention.
Image Via Liquipedia

Quincy Quinn talks about celebrating the win against EG

In the post-match winners’ interview, Quincy Crew’s midlaner, Quinn "Quinn" Callahan, expressed his delight with the win and talked about how they would celebrate it.

“There’s been like a very long rivalry between this team (Quincy Crew) and EG. To finally win, even if it’s not at a Major, it’s in the league, and it’s not at a LAN, but it still feels great. 

(On celebrating the win) I‘ll probably just watch some streams and bask in the niceness of winning. When you win, the best thing about winning is that you didn’t lose, and you know, I know I didn’t lose earlier today, and I don’t feel frustrated and annoyed. Knowing that I don’t feel that way is just so pleasant.”


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