CIS Caster Believes $80 Million TI10 Will Be Held in Stockholm

Rakshak Kathuria
23/Jan/2021 09:34 am

CIS caster, NS, speculated that money combined from two editions of Battle Pass will form the total prize pool of TI10 which will be around $80 million.
He eliminated the possibility of holding TI10 in New Zealand because of its inconvenient location, stating that it will be held in Stockholm, Sweden as per schedule.

In a streaming session on Twitch, Russian caster and analyst Yaroslav Vladimirovich "NS" Kuznetsov mentioned the likely venue and the total prize pool of The International 10 (TI10). According to him, TI10 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, as per the schedule and will feature prize money collected from two editions of Battle Pass.

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NS speculates that TI10 will have a prize pool of $80 Million

In a personal stream from yesterday, the Russian caster speculated that Valve would be releasing a new Battle Pass for this year. The chunk of money collected from this 2021 Battle Pass, he felt, would be added to the total cash collected from the 2020 Battle Pass, which amounts to more than $40 million. A total that could potentially touch the $80 million mark would be the prize pool for TI10.

"Most likely, the tenth TI will be in Stockholm, and it will have an $80 million prize pool. That's about it. That's just the way TI will be. For an anniversary TI, that's fine. They [Valve] will just raise another $40 million, add it on, and it'll be $80 million. That'll be the $80 million "TI" - the anniversary one - for everyone to rip off so that the winning team would definitely never play Dota again. Everybody would forget about Dota right away. You win $40 million and say, 'Okay, guys, see you later.”

TI10 Total Prize PoolTI10 prize pool from proceeds of 2020 Battle Pass.
Image Via Dota2 prize pool tracker
While mentioning that Valve will likely be holding TI10 in Stockholm since Valve also already communicated the same in one of its recent blogs, he eliminated TI’s possibility being held in New Zealand. 

"I think [The International in New Zealand] won't happen because Stockholm will be offended - they were promised the International, and where is [it]? And anyway, New Zealand is the most complicated in terms of flights. It's the most inconvenient place to do almost anything grandiose because it's very long and very inconvenient to fly to New Zealand from anywhere.

It's tough to find a place in the world from which it's easy to fly to New Zealand. Okay, South-East Asia and China are ok, but there are many teams from Europe, CIS, and the Americas. Going to New Zealand [From Europe, CIS, and the Americas] is a nightmare. From Europe, there will sometimes be three [Flight] transfers."

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A recent news report which involved Valve’s founder, Gabe Newell, had highlighted the possibility of Dota 2 tournaments being held in New Zealand. 

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Valve had already communicated in the 2021 DPC circuit update that TI10 would be held in Stockholm, Sweden, in August. However, there has not been any information about this year’s Battle Pass or the prize pool of TI10.


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