SEA DPC League S1: Day 1 Recap Of Closed Qualifier Stage 2

Rakshak Kathuria
9/Jan/2021 05:46 am

Day 1 of Stage 2 of the closed qualifier concluded today at DPC-SEA 2021 S1.
A total of 10 series took place among six teams in two groups- A and B.
Stage 2 will last till January 10. Top four teams from each of the two groups will make it to the Lower Division.

SEA Dota 2 in working in full swing as 12 teams are battling it out in Stage 2 for the all-important eight spots in the Lower Division of the main Regional League. Day 1 of the closed qualifier Stage 2 concluded earlier today with 10 BO2 series as teams from the open qualifiers delivered a solid performance.

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SEA Closed Qualifier Stage 2: Group A Results After Day 1

Group A consists of two teams from Stage 1 which are Galaxy Racer and Cignal Ultra and four teams from the open qualifiers namely Lilgun, HOYO, Team Veteran and The Prime. Here is the seeding of these six teams after Day 1. 

1. Galaxy Racer- A talented group of Malaysians, they top Group A after day 1. They won their series against Team Veteran and were level at 1-1 against Lilgun.

1. HOYO- Tied up with Galaxy Racer in the number 1 position, HOYO also drew their series against Lilgun and won against The Prime 2-0.

3. Cignal Ultra- Having played just a single series, the Filipino squad stands at the number three spot in the table. They defeated The Prime 2-0 in the opening series of the day.

4. Lilgun- The last team to reach Stage 2 from the open qualifiers had a decent start to their campaign. They drew both their series against HOYO and Galaxy Racer.

5. Team Veteran- The squad from Myanmar currently stands at the fifth spot after a lost series against Galaxy Racer and a drawn one against The Prime. 

6. The Prime- The only team to have played three series on the opening day, The Prime have had a miserable start. They lost their series against HOYO and Cignal Ultra while drew against Team Veteran.

SEA Closed Qualifier Stage 2: Group B Results After Day 1

Group B consists of the remaining two teams from Stage 1 that were relegated to Stage 2- Omega Esports and Team SMG. Four open qualifier teams which are Army Geniuses, Yangon Galacticos, ZeroTwo and Assault are the other teams in Group B.

1. Yangon Galacticos- The boys from Myanmar sit on top of the table in Group B with one win and one draw after a couple of series. They were able to easily defeat Mushi’s team, Team SMG, 2-0 and drew their series against ZeroTwo.

2. Omega Esports- Formerly Adroit Esports, Omega Esports stand at the number two spot in the table after emerging as the winner of their solitary series against Assault. 

3. Army Geniuses- One of the more recognizable open qualifier teams, Army Geniuses is placed at the number three spot after a drawn series against Assault. 

3. ZeroTwo- inYourdreaM’s stack for the 2021 DPC season is tied at the number three spot alongside Army Geniuses. They played a single series against Yangon Galacticos which they drew 1-1.

5. Assault- The Malaysian squad finds itself at the number five spot after a couple of series in the opening day of Stage 2. They drew one against Army Geniuses and lost the other one against Yangon Galacticos.

6. Team SMG- Mushi’s team is placed at the bottom of the table after they lost their only series in the opening day against Yangon Galacticos. They looked lackluster even in Stage 1 so SMG will have to pull their socks up to reach the Lower Division.

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Stage 2 will last till January 10 to determine the teams that move to Lower Division. Top four teams in each group are going to make it to the Lower Division while the bottom two are going to get eliminated. Lower Division will then begin along with the Upper Division on January 18. 


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