DPC 2021 Qualifiers: Dendi Pulls Off An Insane Double Rapier Megacreeps Comeback

Rakshak Kathuria
8/Jan/2021 06:24 pm

Dendi pulls off a miraculous Megacreeps comeback with a Double Divine Rapier on Puck against Gambit Esports.
B8 Esports won the series 2-0 against Gambit and now are one step away from qualifying to the Upper Division of CIS Regional League.
Dendi was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier today.

Despite being contracted by the annoying virus, Danil "Dendi" Ishutin is playing some mind-boggling Dota 2. He has led his team, B8 Esports, to a spectacular Mega Creeps comeback with a double Divine Rapier on Puck. This intense match took place in the series against Gambit Esports in the Decider tournament of DPC-CIS 2021 S1 

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Dendi Goes Ham On A Double Rapier Puck To Comeback From Megacreeps Deficit

The revamped roster of Dendi’s B8 Esports team played today in the Decider Tournament of the CIS Regional League. Their series against Gambit Esports kickstarted a couple of hours ago as Dendi led his team to a miraculous Mega Creeps comeback in Game 1. They also won the second game which was another close contest to take the series 2-0

Dendi played a mid Puck in Game 1 while his carry was Arc Warden supported by Shadow Shaman and Disruptor. The offlaner for the team was Tidehunter. The game looked to be equally poised for the first 30 minutes but a miserable teamfight loss for B8 at the 35-minute mark put Gambit Esports on the front foot. Realizing they could no longer teamfight, B8 resorted to split push but Gambit eventually took the Megacreeps at 53 minutes. Dendi had already bought a Rapier at 41 minutes but went all-in with another pickup at the 60-minute mark. B8 defended their base in an impeccable manner for the next 20 minutes as they continued to kill Gambit’s heroes. A risky yet effective smoke move caught the enemy carry Troll Warlord with his Buyback on cooldown and B8 went on to end the game in 72 minutes. 

B8 Megacreeps comeback ScorecardImage Via DotaBuffGame 2 was another neck and neck contest as either team could go on to win the game. B8 held on to the game perfectly as they waited for the right moment to engage in fights. Using their buybacks in a splendid manner at the latter halves of the games, B8 closed out the game in 46 minutes to take the series 2-0. 

Dendi’s opening win in the DPC tournament is certainly a blessing in disguise. While the veteran revealed earlier today that he was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, he has led to his team to an impressive victory. His performance in both these matches was spot on as he gave glimpses of his old version. 

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B8 will now play with Solo’s new stack, NoTechies in the next round on December 10. A series win would guarantee them a spot in the Upper Division of the main CIS Regional League. 


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