Nigma w33 Gets Engaged To a CS:GO Player

Rakshak Kathuria
25/Dec/2020 11:25 am

Nigma's mid lane player, w33, gets engaged to CS:GO player, Lina "Linaaa" Al-Sharif.
w33 proposed the girl on Christmas with a ring.
Recently, NA legend, PPD, also got married to the former Gambit Esports manager, Julia Kramnik.

One of the most talked-about Dota players globally, Team Nigma’s midlaner Aliwi "w33" Omar is about to enter a new phase in his personal life as he gets engaged to CS:GO player Lina "Linaaa" Al-Sharif. 

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w33 To Soon Be A Married Man

w33’s wife to be, Linaaa, revealed this moment of happiness through posts on her social media handles. She has posted a picture of a ring, signifying that she had accepted his proposal. 

The mid laner reposted Linaaa’s story on Instagram.

w33 EngagementImage Via nigmaw33w33 has potentially been dating Linaaa since 2018, as evident from the latter’s Instagram profile. Now, in a very delighting moment for the couple, they have taken a step further and announced their engagement on the auspicious occasion of Christmas.

The Romanian has been a part of his current squad that includes Miracle-, GH, KuroKy, MinD_ContRoL since June 2020 after he was added to the Liquid roster as a replacement of MATUMBAMAN. This change took place just before the inception of TI9 in August 2019, where the team managed to secure the runner-up spot. The team later left Liquid to form its own organization, Team Nigma. 

w33 has had a fairly successful career as he managed to come second at TI6 as well, with Digital Chaos. He has also had multiple top 3 finishes at several major tournaments. 

Linaaa is a professional CS:GO player and a competition admin of the gaming platform, FACEIT. 

w33 is one of those personalities who has received a lot of hatred and criticism for his performances. But the Romanian has always managed to turn a blind eye to all the trolls and continued to perform the role so desired by the team. He now takes a step further in his life, surrounded by positive vibes in this holiday season.

Recently, NA Legend, PPD, also got married to the former Gambit Esports manager, Julia Kramnik.

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Congratulations to w33 and his wife to be, Linaaa.


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