1 Wrecks Secret to Secure Top 3 Finish At EPIC League

Rakshak Kathuria
10/Dec/2020 04:51 am stomp Team Secret 2-0 to move to Upper Bracket Finals where they will face for a spot in the Grand Finals.
Secret seemed to be outdrafted and outplayed in both the games as was impeccable in executing their strategies.
Secret with their lack of motivation and dip in performance will look to keep their hopes alive in the tournament as they face against Liquid next, in the lower bracket.

In another scintillating performance by the bears of, they have managed to absolutely destroy the powerhouse of European Dota, Team Secret, for the second time in the tournament. In the massively one-sided affair, defeated Secret 2-0 to become the first team to reach the Upper Bracket final at EPIC League and secure a top 3 position. 

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The first series of the Upper Bracket R1 was a redemption match for Secret as the group stage matchup against had gone heavily in favor of the Russian squad. 

Game 1 witnessed Secret trying something cheeky with a mid Riki for Nisha and a support Puck for Puppey., on the other hand, had a much stable draft in the duo of Omniknight, Sven, a support Lina with Underlord, and a mid Invoker. While the initial phases involved a couple of kills here and there for both teams, a massive teamfight victory for took place at the 22-minute mark as they teamwiped Secret. Things went downhill drastically for Secret after this major teamfight loss as they kept losing objective after objective.’s cores become super tanky and dealt a high amount of DPS with epileptick1d’s insanely farmed Sven that Secret was forced to tap out of the game in 33 minutes. 

Game 2 saw MATUMBAMAN on an out-of-meta Ursa as the last pick though Secret had a relatively stable draft overall. was once again spot on with their drafting as every player played their signature heroes. This time, even the laning phase went miserably for Secret as were getting outplayed by the young guns of A complete stomp as it was, Secret’s heroes got hunted down in every part of the map before they could not bear the domination anymore and called GG in 27 minutes.

A team that surpassed all boundaries to create world records in Dota 2 has just been played on by the young squad of Averaging just 18.5 in their ages, they have made both the group stage and this series against Secret a child’s play, showing off what they are capable of. As mentioned by their players in various interviews, they are putting in a ton of effort, and their gameplay is definitely an example of it. They will now face, who won against Na'Vi 2-1 for a Grand Finals spot.

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On the other hand, Team Secret has lacked the fire that they had in the previous tournaments. With this cluster of online tournaments and a stagnant patch, they seem to have reached a saturation point. Since they are still not out of the tourney yet, one can certainly expect a top team like them to bounce back in the lower brackets where they face Liquid next. With the new patch being around the corner and the DPC's restart dates having also been announced, Secret will look to gain their mojo back and showcase what they have become renowned for recently- sheer dominance. 


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