OG Roars As They Win Their First Series Against Secret In Seven Months

Rakshak Kathuria
27/Nov/2020 10:44 am

OG smash Team Secret 2-0 to win their third series out of six at the EPIC League. This is also OG's first series win against Secret in seven months.
In typical OG fashion, they drafted a middle Bristleback for Topson in first game while a middle Sven and safe lane Silencer for MidOne in second game which worked beautifully for them.
With this loss, Team Secret lost their second series out of five and seem to be looking slightly off their usual dominant self.

OG has finally been able to take off a series against Secret after eight unsuccessful face-offs in nearly seven months. Secret got rekt by the two-time TI champions 0-2 as they seemed to be caught off guard with some OG special drafting and gameplay. With this, Team Secret registered their second loss at EPIC League while OG now has three wins out of six series. 

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OG’s Masterclass Outdoes Team Secret    

OG versus Secret was one of the hyped matches of the group stages at EPIC League and despite OG crushing Team Secret, the series was an engrossing one to watch. 

EPIC League Group Stage Standings as of November 27EPIC League Group Stage Standings as of November 27
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Game 1 was an absolute stomp by OG as they made Secret run right, left, and center with a surprise Bristleback mid for Topson. The last pick, despite being doubted by the panel and the commentators, worked out wonders for OG as they kicked Secret out of the lanes and then the jungle to secure a much larger territory. Topson was able to absorb all the initial nukes coming in with timely heals from N0tail’s Io. MidOne grew a beast on Sven by the time being as Secret found it extremely knotty to find the farm on their cores. Secret seemed to have been out drafted as OG took game 1 in 29 minutes. 

Game 2 witnessed another weird core combination from OG as they put Topson on Sven in the mid lane while MidOne played Silencer in the safe lane. They heavily lost their safe and mid lane as Secret emerged a lot stronger out of the initial phases. But all of OG’s heroes were on the aggressor as soon as they picked up their initial items. Though OG also lost heroes in team fights, they always managed to come out ahead in terms of total deaths. The game completely turned into OG’s favor once Ceb got his BKB and he was able to cast free Blackholes as Secret had no BKB-piercing spell apart from Tusk’s Ultimate. The game swung back and forth a bit but OG was resolute on the day as they ended the game in 42 minutes to seal the series.

The series win came in typical-OG fashion for the two-time TI champions with a spicy combo of unusual drafting and aggressive gameplay. OG’s performance in the match was reminiscent of their performances at TIs. Their weird strategies which until yesterday had been falling out of place looked strong and crisp. With the win, OG moves to the sixth spot in the group stage table as they look to be getting their mojo back. 

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Team Secret, on the other hand, have visibly lost their splendid form. Though they are not performing terribly, Secret has been unbeatable in recent times and any deviation from that is likely to get noticed. Their dip in form can potentially be attributed to the current patch that is getting stale and more teams are now used to it. MATUMBAMAN also mentioned in a recent interview that he was feeling very unmotivated now in this era of online tournaments. However, Secret still sits at the fifth spot with three wins out of five series and one can surely expect them to bounce back strongly in the upcoming matches. 


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