Nigma’s Masterclass Outdoes Just Error At EPIC League

Rakshak Kathuria
20/Nov/2020 07:23 pm

Team Nigma defeated Just Error 2-0 to win their third series out of a total of four at EPIC League.
Nigma was flawless in their gameplay on the day with Miracle- creating a tasty meal out of Just Error's heroes.
While Nigma sits in the top 3 of the group stage table, Just Error find themselves struggling in the bottom 3.

Team Nigma is looking red hot at the EPIC League as they have registered their victory in a row. They defeated Just Error 2-0 in what was a very solid performance by the boys of KuroKy. With this win, Nigma moves to the third spot in the group stages while Just Error sits in the bottom parts.

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Nigma’s Comprehensive Team Performance Outshines Just Error

While pulled off a dominating and quick victory over OG in the first series of the day, Nigma also played extremely well to win their series over Just Error. After this series, Team Liquid is set to play against Team Secret in a revenge match from ESL One Germany 2020.

Game 1 was the Miracle- show as he went ham on Faceless Void to win the game for Nigma. While Nigma had a standard hero combination draft, Just Error pulled out an old school Mirana mid pick for SumaiL. The game was equally poised at the middle stages with Just Error having a slight networth lead as SumaiL played amazingly on Mirana to pick off early kills. But as soon as team fighting began, Nigma started getting the better of Just Error with a superior 5v5 lineup. While some heroes did die for Nigma as well, Miracle- had become too powerful to kill and cleaned up the side of Just Error. Eventually, Nigma picked up the victory in 40 minutes to go 1-0 up in the series.

Miracle- at Epicenter 2019Miracle- played out of his mind to end the series with a KDA of 39-5-20.
Image Via Epicenter
Game 2 did not prove to be any different for Just Error as they got outclassed by the TI7 Champions. Though the initial stages of the game proved to be equally favourable for both the sides and Just Error also managed to kill Miracle- three times, Nigma just outdid Just Error during the teamfights. Some desperate failed ganks, improper positioning by Just Error kept pushing the game away from their grasps. Miracle- did not even die once after those initial deaths as he grew stronger and stronger with Empower and Alacrity from KuroKy’s support Invoker. RAMZES666 accumulated a lot of farm on Sven but Nigma was too good to handle as they took the game in 29 minutes and also the series 2-0.

Nigma seems to have found back their gameplay style where they are immaculate as a team and come out on top of team fights even when they are behind. With three wins out of four series, Nigma looks hungry for a  championship title as they have not won one in recent times. They face their next match against the young prodigies of on November 22.  

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Just Error, on the other hand, has looked iffy in their drafting and gameplay. They have made some risky calls in their games which visibly have backfired and so they stand in the bottom 3 of the table. They have lost their 4th series, registering only a single win and will almost need to win all their remaining matches to keep their hopes alive in the league. 


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