5men Disband Their Roster In The Middle Of EPIC League

Rakshak Kathuria
19/Nov/2020 08:47 am

5men disband their roster and withdraw from the EPIC League in the middle of the tournament. They receive default losses for all their matches.
5men played together for nearly 4 months with their best run coming at the OMEGA League: Divine Division where they stood 2nd.
Players cited a lack of motivation to play as a team as a reason for the disbandment.

The stack formed by TI6 runner-up Rasmus "MISERY" Filipsen has come to an end as EPIC League announced that 5men had withdrawn from the tournament because the roster has decided to disband. As a result, 5men have been handed auto losses for all their matches, including the ones they won.

5men’s Dota 2 Journey Ends In 4 Months

The roster comprising of MISERY, Ace, Chessie, Xibbe and pieliedie was formed independently by the players in July 2020. MISERY, Ace and pieliedie played together for Cloud9 before it disbanded in April 2020, while Chessie and Xibbe played for the secondary squad of OG- OG Seed before their squad was released in July 2020. 

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The roster not only gained a lot of attention because of the veterans it had, but also because of its logo- a face that combines and represents specific features of each of the player’s facial features. 5men had a fantastic start to their journey as they were easily able to qualify to the OMEGA League: Immortal Division. However, they could not replicate the performances against the top teams in EU/CIS as they were knocked down to the Divine Division. 5men still were able to get the runner-up spot in the Divine Division to take home a sum of $7000. Since then, the European stack has not been able to perform consistently with their best run coming at OGA Dota PIT S3: Europe/CIS where they secured 7-8th.

5men’s journey proved to be short-lived as they’ve disbanded just four months after the roster’s inception in July. Players of the team and other Dota 2 personalities responded to 5men’s disbandment and their untimely exit from the EPIC League.

Players React To 5men Disbandment

Captain for the team, MISERY, stated that the 5men had gone their own ways and he thanked all the fans for their support. He also hinted a bit about his future plans.

The Midlaner of the team, Chessie, stated the reason behind 5men’s separation to be lack of motivation. He also said that he will continue to play competitively and is open to offers from new teams. Chessie will also look to stream and make some YouTube content in the meanwhile and also stated that he was up for any casting roles.

Offlaner Xibbe stated that “5men felt like a wasted opportunity.” He also mentioned that despite the talents and skills and individual motivation, players were not adequately motivated as a team. 

Apart from the team, Alliance co-owner and coach Jonathan "Loda" Berg put forward his opinion of 5men dispersing their roster. He said that he was disappointed at 5men for leaving in the middle of a tournament. He stated that the spot they just let go away, would have been a golden opportunity for some other Dota 2 team. 

ImmortalFaith, coach of also replied to Loda’s statement calling out 5men for their mid-tournament exit. 

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All 5 men of the roster have seemingly gone their separate ways as we witness more and more Dota 2 rosters disbanding in recent times. Fewer cases of roster breakups have emerged from EU/CIS but this one gets added in the overall tally. While some of their players have presented their desire to continue playing and it will be interesting to see if they find a team or make one before the resumption of DPC 2020-21.


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