Team Liquid Talks About iNSaNiA Misclicking Gyro at TI9

Rakshak Kathuria
18/Nov/2020 01:18 pm

A documentary by Team Liquid on their YouTube Channel talks about iNSaNiA's journey as a kid to a professional Dota 2 player.
A myraid of things were talked about in the documentary with the most interesting part being the infamous Gyro mispick by iNSaNiA at TI9.
iNSaNiA also revealed how he put together the squad that he plays with today.

Team Liquid released a short documentary on their captain Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi through their YouTube channel. The documentary shows the beautiful journey of iNSaNiA through his youth and then into a professional Dota 2 player. It also provides insights into iNSaNiA’s decision to switch to Dota 2 from HoN, how he put together this current team, his experience with various organizations and also about his infamous Gyrocopter pick at TI9.

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Family And Team Liquid Members Talk About iNSaNiA’s Journey As A Professional Dota 2 Player

A host of things regarding iNSaNiA were talked about in the documentary. Perhaps the most interesting of them was Team Liquid members speaking about their views on the Gyrocopter misclick at TI9. The current roster played for Alliance at TI9 and they faced off against Royal Never Give Up in an elimination BO1 match in the lower brackets. iNSaNiA wanting to ban Gyrocopter ran out of reserve time and mistakenly clicked the Gyrocopter which counted in as their last pick as their pick time had begun. This created a lot of tension on iNSaNiA’s face as visible from the face camera and the incident went down in the history as one of the most unfortunate ones as Alliance lost the game and were knocked out.

iNSaNiA's reaction after miclicking Gyrocopter at TI9.iNSaNiA's blunder to pick Gyro instead of banning it seemingly knocked them out of TI9.
Screengrab Via Team Liquid

Even though iNSaNiA looked highly strained, his teammates were heard saying, “ It is fine, we are good.” “ I can play Gyrocopter mid. Let’s first see what they(enemy team) picks.”

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Team Liquid carry Micke and coach Blitz talked about this unfortunate yet decisive moment in the documentary, 

Team Liquid Carry Micke:
"I was feeling really bad for him for the Gyrocopter misclick. He even walked the way after the game, he did not even talk to us. I mean he did, he said, “I am sorry guys.” but we did not know how to respond, we could only support him.”

Blitz, current coach of Team Liquid:

“I remember, at TI9 where Aydin had an unfortunate moment where he clicked Gyrocopter by accident and you could see how much everybody liked him there. In my position, if I was younger like their age of 21 or something, I would have been like, Time to get a new captain boys. He just lost me millions of dollars. The fact that all of his teammates supported him, like hey, this is all gonna work out shows the loyalty in both ways. iNSaNiA was loyal to them over the years and they returned with the same loyalty. Look, no roster changes in their team. The moment iNSaNiA needed them the most, they were there.”

How iNSaNiA Built This Squad?

iNSaNiA talked about how he put up the team that he plays with today.

His first choice was always miCKe and he wanted to build a team around him. iNSaNiA and miCKe have been friends from the days of HoN and have played together for approximately 10 years.

iNSaNiA’s willingness to add another HoN player saw him picking Boxi. He described Boxi as “ the number 2 player individually after MiCKe at that time. A player who could become one of the best in the world like he is today.” 

Next, iNSaNiA talked about Taiga’s addition to the team. He said, “We knew a guy from HoN, Taiga, who had just made the switch to Dota 2, maybe just two-three months before we decided to make this roster and he was playing probably 20 games per day. I am not even exaggerating. It was crazy. I would go to bed, he was playing and when I would wake up, he would still be playing.”

The final piece to the player search was filled by qojqva as iNSaNiA said that he bridged the gap between Dota 2 and HoN. The other four members, including him, were HoN players who just wanted to play like HoN but qojqva was the guy who had the Dota understanding, the experience and he started taking objectives for their team. 

Other cool and interesting things were also talked about in this documentary as it provided details of iNSaNiA’s life throughout the years. One quality that almost all of his colleagues and family members talked about was him being a “good communicator.” The documentary was also a testimony of why this bunch of five players have stuck together for years, highlighting their solidarity and compassion.

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