Motivate.Trust Gaming Conquer SEA To Win DOTA Summit 13

Rakshak Kathuria
9/Nov/2020 01:55 pm

Motivate.Trust Gaming dominate Among Us 3-0 to win DOTA Summit 13 Online: Southeast Asia.
Motivate.Trust Gaming lost only one series in the whole league and went undefeated in playoffs.
Hailed as being the new top team of SEA, this is Motivate.Trust Gaming's second consecutive significant tournament victory after BTS Pro Series 3.

Motivate.Trust Gaming can be hailed as the new top dogs of the Southeast Asian region after they have won their second major tournament in a row. When they BTS Pro Series 3: SEA, a few considered this victory to be a fluke but Motivate.Trust Gaming has silenced everybody with their all-dominating play. They comprehensively defeated Among Us 3-0 in the grand finals to win DOTA Summit 13: SEA.

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Remember The Name- Motivate.Trust Gaming

Motivate.Trust Gaming had a magnificent group stage as they topped the table, losing only a single series to TNC Predator. This series loss proved to be the only one in the entire tournament as they made a stellar upper bracket run in the playoffs. They defeated Adroit Esports 2-0, then Among Us 2-1 and finally had a rematch against Among Us in the grand finals.

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Game 1 was a slow game as both teams aimed to accumulate maximum farm on their cores while only making occasional ganks to pick off solo heroes. The net worth situation was equal at the 30-minute mark but then eventually, as the heroes got their power spike, the teams started brawling. Abed’s decision to not pick up an early BKB proved to be fatal for him as he always got locked down by Riki’s smoke screen with a Diffusal. The team fights never really fell in place for Among Us as Motivate.Trust Gaming kept building a net worth lead to end the game in 51 minutes.

Game 2 saw Among Us putting all their eggs in inYourdreaM’s basket as they played a 4-protect-1 strat centred around Phantom Assassin. Motivate.Trust Gaming had an amazing game on all their cores while for Among Us, only PA was able to cope up with the Battlefury pick. Time looked to be running short for the side of Among Us as Motivate.Trust Gaming looked all set to end the game. inYourdreaM picked up a Divine Rapier and that looked to be the only way out for Among Us. A messy fight by both teams took place but Motivate.Trust Gaming’s heroes were too strong to be taken down as they went 2-0 up the in the series.

Motivate.Trust Gaming celebrate after winning DOTA Summit 13: SEA.Motivate.Trust Gaming looked like they were a level above, in the grand finals.
Image Via Motivate.Trust Gaming
Game 3 was an absolute stomp by Motivate.Trust Gaming as they won the game in just 30 minutes with a scoreline of 50-14. The game saw another 4-protect-1 strat by Among Us as this time it was centred around Abed’s Medusa. But again, Motivate.Trust Gaming made all the right decisions and had all the desired items to have an edge over the enemy. With absolute domination, Motivate.Trust Gaming ended the game and took an amazing 3-0 victory in the grand finals.

Motivate.Trust Gaming has bested the likes of TNC Predator, Among Us and BOOM Esports to win their second significant consecutive title. Even veteran March, who has been playing in the temporary squad of Among Us, was in awe of the Thai squad of Motivate.Trust Gaming as with a GG at the end of the game, he also wrote, “so good.” 

March's appreciation of Motivate Trust GamingMarch acknowledges the rising Thai team's brilliance

Words of appreciation by one of the most experienced players in the region certainly point at the team’s skill and gameplay. 


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