[Watch] Topson Morphs Into PA To Get An Insane Rampage On Morphling

Rakshak Kathuria
8/Nov/2020 10:50 am

In a streaming session on twitch, Topson pulled off an insane Rampage to secure a team fight victory for his team.
Despite his team mates getting killed, Topson was able to make use of his Aegis as he morphed into a PA to utlilise the attack speed of her second skill.

One of the most beloved players in professional Dota 2, mid lane player for OG, Topias Miikka "Topson" Taavitsainen, comes to stream on Twitch very rarely.  But whenever he does, a lot of the viewers tune in to watch his insane mid hero picks and even bizarre item builds. In a recent stream of his, Topson took an extraordinary rampage which made the Twitch chat go bonkers.

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Topson Top Rampage on Morphling

Topson came to stream on Twitch yesterday and was played a mid Morphling in a game. The game looked to be equally poised with a slight advantage for his team as they were about to push the bottom Dire tower with an Aegis. A smoke play by the opposite time seemed to catch Topson and his team off guard as they were retreating.

Topson at Epicenter 2019Despite losing his teammates, Topson pulled off a great Rampage.
Image Via Epicenter

Topson lost his Aegis and his support Mirana died to an RP by the enemy Magnus. The enemy team cleaned up his fellow heroes while Topson was respawning which put him in an awkward position. As he respawned, he took down the supports of Oracle and Clockwerk in the back lines by amazingly morphing into the enemy PA and using the jump to increase his attack speed. He further leapt onto the enemy Magnus to kill him and then fought toe to toe with PA. With a final blow coming from his shotgun in the form of Ethereal blade, he killed the PA and then chased down a pitiful Oracle who had just bought back. 

Immediately after this insane rampage, he was tipped by the heroes and ‘Well played’ chat wheels were spammed. The Twitch chat also went berserk watching their favourite mid lane player take off a splendid rampage. Despite Topson’s crazy antics, he always manages to get an upper hand of his enemies and that proves why he is a two time TI winner.

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Topson, though is not at all a frequent streamer, has been seen live on Twitch a number of times in the last few days. A great source of inspiration and entertainment that he is, a number of Dota 2 fans will certainly welcome this change and want him to stream more in the times to come.  


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