Players Need To Play 600+ Diretide Games To “Unlock Everything”

Rakshak Kathuria
5/Nov/2020 02:54 pm

A user on Reddit, u/tda7212, has claimed that players will need to play 5 games of Diretide everyday till December 22 to unlock all potential rewards.
That equals to around 600 games it takes around 135 minutes and 5.2 games to earn a single reward.

The highly anticipated custom event of Diretide made a return to Dota 2 after nearly 7 years. Alongside it also brought with it the old feature of tradeable and marketable drops, one of the primary reasons for its success in previous years. This brought a smile on the faces of Dota 2 fans as they began to play more, to reward themselves. A user on Reddit has mathematically found out the required time to get every treasure/item which is a part of this Diretide event. 

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The Potential Way To Unlock All Diretide Rewards

It has been ascertained by a user on /r/dota2, u/tda7212, that it would take a player 5 hours of daily Diretide Dota till the event expires on December 22 to unlock all the exclusive rewards that have been included with this update. All of this is exclusive of the primary Hallowed Chest bundle which requires a key to open. 

The user has claimed that he played 62 games of Diretide since the event was released on October 29 and has received a total of 12 awards. He has made a spreadsheet regarding the various rewards that are a part of this event.

As per mathematical calculations, it takes around 135 minutes (2 hours and 15 minutes) and 5.2 games to earn a reward. So, all the awards when summed up from the above spreadsheet lead to a total of:

  • 18 permanent seasonal rewards
  • 10 sets in the Prized Trunk
  • 30 temporary seasonal rewards
  • 2 Shimmer Bundles
  • 1 Mystery Item possibility
  • 1 MMR token possibility                     

So of the 12 items that the user has received, 50% of his drops are not Diretide exclusive sets and are old sets/Mystery items and MMR tokens that are not very valuable. So, technically, 50% of the drops will be very less valuable and in order to get the other 60 special Diretide awards, the player’s goal will be to earn nearly double that is 120 awards. 

So mathematically, a player will likely need to play Dota for 5 hours daily, starting from October 29 and continue till December 22 to unlock all the rewards, excluding the main Hallowed Chest Bundle.

While this was great and interesting explanation of the Diretide rewards that has been put forward by this enthusiastic user, a few have pointed out that this was deliberate from Valve and that players are not supposed to receive every single item from a free event like Diretide (by grinding) since it would reduce the value of these rare rewards.

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Certainly, Diretide has instilled in the players a new and rejuvenated spirit of playing the game we have all loved for years. The Guild system has also been a great factor in bringing friends together to complete various challenges and reap exciting rewards. 


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