Moon Defender Cup in Americas Replaces Teams With Bots

Rakshak Kathuria
4/Nov/2020 04:11 pm

A tournament in the Americas region, Moon Defender Cup, replaced all teams in the tournament with bots.
lukiluki who was a participant in the league brought forward this fact through a tweet and also stated, "the whole tournament was a betting scam."

A tournament in the Americas region, Moon Defender Cup with a prize pool of $1500 has allegedly replaced all the teams in the tournament with bots. This issue has been brought forward by the notorious Pangolier spammer, lukiluki, who was a participant in the league with this team No Pangolier. He tweeted, saying that “the whole tournament was a betting scam.”

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Moon Defender Cup Allegedly A Betting Scam

lukiluki tweeted that all the teams, including his, had been replaced by bots at the Moon Defender Cup.

The organization behind this tournament, Battle Shapes, is relatively unknown one and it seems to be their first event. According to their Twitter handle where they only joined in October 2020, the tournament was originally scheduled to take place from October 12 which was postponed to October 15 and then delayed for one more time to November 1. It was to be held over a span of three days till November 4 with eight teams competing for a prize pool of $1500.

But seemingly, no matches have been played by any of the teams, as all of them were replaced by bots. lukiluki has alleged that this tournament was a betting scam. Possibly, the bets would have been placed on a certain team winning a match and since no real teams played, the organizers could easily determine the outcome of the match. 

Two open qualifiers for the Moon Defenders Cup initially took place on Epulze’s platform, but the tournament page has since been changed to display: “TOURNAMENT WAS CANCELLED”. 

AFK Gaming has reached out to Battle Shapes and Epulze for a comment and has not yet received a response.

This matter of Moon Defender Cup comes at a time when the Dota 2 competitive scene, especially in regions like the Americas, has already been the subject to a lot of debate. Various professional players and personalities have highlighted the depleting state of competitive Dota 2 and the possible subsequent result of the game dying. 

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Roster disbandments because of postponement of DPC 2020/21 and the dearth of online tournaments in the American region has attracted a lot of flak from the community. This issue which specifically surrounds the Tier 3/4 teams is perhaps only going to worsen the issue as they already have a lesser amount of competitive tournaments as compared to the Tier 1 teams. 


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