PSG.LGD Beat 4AM In a Close Contest To Win CDA-FDC Professional Championship

Rakshak Kathuria
2/Nov/2020 05:18 pm

PSG.LGD has won the CDA-FDC Professional Championship by defeating 4AM 3-2 in a gruelling contest.
Going undefeated in the whole tournament, PSG.LGD mark their second victory in three tournaments.
4AM after a sloppy start in their debut, come back stronger in the tournament to secure a promising second place finish.

In what can be attributed as one of the most taxing yet enthralling grand finals of 2020, PSG.LGD managed to hold their nerves and emerge out on top to win the CDA-FDC Professional Championship. Undefeated in the entire tourney, they beat Elephant.4AM in a series that went all the distance to five games to register their second victory in three tournaments.

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An Ultimate Chinese Clash- PSG.LGD Vs Elephant.4AM

Probably the most anticipated names to have reached the finals, PSG.LGD and 4AM had an easy run to the grand finals with the latter having only a couple of losses against RNG. PSG.LGD had showcased sheer dominance as they were undefeated in the tournament with a 10-0 match win record. With 4AM’s roster including three ex-LGD players, the stage was absolutely set for an epic battle.

Game 1 marked PSG.LGD’s first loss in the tournament as they got outplayed by the squad of 4AM. PSG.LGD tried their best to avoid any sort of team fights and carve out farming space for Ame’s Lifestealer with a Battlefury build but 4AM simply pushed their early laning phase advantage. They had amazing tower pushers in the form of Leshrac, Chen and Nature’s Prophet, accompanied by a fat Troll Warlord. 4AM ended the game in 30 minutes to go 1-0 up.

Game 2 saw PSG.LGD coming back with their kill-intensive draft. An Infest Combo of Lifestealer and Tiny with the global potential of Zeus ensured constant enemy hero kills for the side of PSG.LGD. All of 4AM’s heroes were very squishy and died instantly once PSG.LGD jumped upon them. PSG.LGD took their time to get some important items and ended the game in 37 minutes with a scoreline of 41-17. 

Game 3 was an Ame show as he carried PSG.LGD 1v5 on empowered Anti Mage to win an almost impossible game. 4AM were cruising to victory at one stage with a 20k net worth lead at 35 minutes. Eurus was a beast on the Sven and they were about to secure Mega Creeps with Aegis and Cheese. But some flawless fighting from PSG.LGD dumped down 4AM’s plans to secure a massive team fight victory. Next, a 4-man RP by XinQ outside the Roshan Pit was colossal as it turned the tide into PSG.LGD’s favour. They eventually ended the game in 55 minutes with Ame delivering a mindblowing performance.

Game 4 proved to be a stomp by 4AM as this time they made no mistakes to let go off their lead. Eurus was again superb on Sven and Maybe contributed significantly as well, being a part of 24 kills out of the total of 32. An easy win for 4AM in 32 minutes levelled up the grand finals at 2-2.

A nail-biting decider match awaited the Dota 2 audience with a ranged hero battle of Arc Warden vs Drow Ranger. The match and the championship could go in either team’s favour at even 35 minutes with no team having a sizeable net worth lead. The team that played the next couple of team fights was going to win the tourney and that happened to be PSG.LGD. They positioned themselves perfectly against Eurus’ Arc Warden and always managed to find and kill him. NothingToSay was brilliant on Magnus while XinQ turned into a 4th core by picking up BKB and MKB. They closed out the series 3-2 in 51 minutes to win another league.

PSG.LGD continue to impress with their new roster as their team synergy looks to be on point. They have now reached the grand finals of all the three tournaments and emerge out on top in two of them. 4AM, on the other hand, will be quite content with the performance in their debut tournament. Though they looked out of sorts in their first game, they showcased their skill and wisdom in the remainder of the tournament. They were equally worthy to win this league but PSG.LGD was able to outdo them in the most subtle but crucial moments. 

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With the China Dota 2 Pro Cup S2 scheduled from November 14-29, we are going to witness, arguably, the top three Chinese teams - PSG.LGD, 4AM and Vici Gaming after the Mega Chinese Roster Shuffle battle it out to be called as the top dog of Chinese Dota. 


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