Did Valve Tease A New Dota 2 Hero With The Diretide Trailer?

Rakshak Kathuria
30/Oct/2020 01:22 pm

A new hero seems to be on the cards by Valve as a still from the Diretide trailer holds some hints of a new hero.
This trailer and the voicelines of recently released Personas and Arcanas highlight a pattern which lead to a new animal-based hero.
The last hero addition was in November 2019 when Void Spirit and Snapfire were added to the game.

Valve announced the return of the iconic custom game mode, Diretide earlier today after nearly 7 years. The Dota 2 community has gone bonkers over this update as it involves a number of rewards, changed UI and a fun Diretide game mode. A trailer of Diretide was released by Valve which according to a Reddit user named u/Doggytalents, might hold some hints of a new hero. 

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A New Hero On The Horizon?

In the Diretide trailer, Snapfire holds a newspaper with a big bold cheeky headline which reads: “What was so great about Diretide anyway?” Clearly, a playful dig aimed at the rabid Dota 2 fans who were clamouring for the release of Diretide in the past. 

However, what many of us missed is a picture of some kind of a creature with a crossbow on the other side.

A still from Diretide's trailer highlighting a potential new heroA creature with pointy ears holding a crossbow with a bird accompanying it
Image Via u/Doggytalents
In Dota 2, whilst many use bows and arrows, no hero uses a crossbow at the moment. So this most likely is a new hero or a persona/arcana that Valve is teasing us with. We’re leaning towards it being a new hero because of some of the voicelines from the newly released Personas and Arcanas.

The Toy Butcher Persona, Pudge:

Hints of a new hero in Pudge's Toy Butcher PersonaPudge's Persona, The Toy Butcher, has voicelines in which he talks to animals like a dog and a bird.

The Compass of the Rising Gale Arcana, Windranger:

Windranger Arcana Hints of New HeroWindranger's Arcana, The Compass of the Rising Gale's voicelines also refer to an animal.

“Forest Creatures” are mentioned in a voiceline in Queen Of Pain’s Arcana, Eminence of Ristul, 

Queen of Pain New Hero

Wraith King in his One True King Arcana mentions a “tiny carcass”, thereby talking to an animal.
Wraith King One True King Responses

Anti-Mage's persona, The Disciples Path:

Anti Mage Persona Voice lines New HeroAnti-Mage's persona, The Disciples Path, has voicelines in which she talks to a pet. 

So, as per the above-mentioned similarities, one can conclude that the new hero could be an animal-themed one. The newspaper shows a cat with a crossbow while the voice lines clearly mention words like birds, pet and forest creatures. There could also be a possibility of two hero releases considering so many exciting elements have been noted. However, all of these details fall opposite to the speculations surrounding the release of the ‘Puppet Master’ hero.

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The last time new heroes were included into the game was a year back in November 2019 when Snapfire and Void Spirit were officially added to the total pool of heroes. Valve generally follows a custom of releasing a couple of heroes at every TI but with the ongoing global health crisis, TI was indefinitely postponed by Valve. This also meant that no hero would be revealed this year but with Valve releasing the Diretide and potentially teasing the players with such sly stuff, we could witness a new hero being unveiled in 2020 itself. 


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