Alliance and Get Eliminated From ESL One Germany 2020

Rakshak Kathuria
30/Oct/2020 03:11 pm

Alliance and get eliminated by Secret and Liquid respectively from ESL One Germany 2020
In a very close series, Team Secret emerged stronger as they showcased their temperament and class to beat Alliance 2-0. lost a very back and forth series against Liquid as a spectacular Io-Sven relocate play secured the match win for Liquid.

After a highly competitive series between two of the top European teams, Team Secret came out on top to defeat Alliance 2-0 and knock them out of the tournament. On the other hand, a magnificent relocate play by Io-Sven to’s base in the second game by Liquid outwitted the former as they also get eliminated from the league. With this, Team Secret now faces Team Liquid in the next round of lower brackets.

Team Secret Outshine Alliance

Team Secret fell down to the lower bracket for the first time since June after a shocking 0-2 loss to mudgolems who blew everyone’s mind with a flawless performance. Shaken by the loss against mudgolems, Secret had their next match against Alliance who had reign supreme over a rusty looking OG. 

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Game 1 saw Team Secret carving out the niche hero of Alchemist for MATUMBAMAN. The game looked to be equally poised in the first 30 minutes as both teams resorted to farming with little skirmishes happening here and there. While Alliance looked really strong and put up competitive fights, Secret proved to be too overwhelming for the Swedish organization as they lost the game in 48 minutes.

Game 2 witnessed yet another back and forth match as both teams got away with some kills in the teamfights. While Alliance managed to search and kill most of Secret’s heroes, MATUMBAMAN on the Terrorblade managed to escape and kept the lanes always pushed into Alliance’s side. This stopped Alliance from pushing and eventually, MATUMBAMAN grew into a beast with all the farm soaked up. Team Secret outclassed Alliance at all the crucial moments as they took the series 2-0, knocking Alliance out of the tournament. 

Liquid Eliminate Off a Great Relocate Play

With’s current hot form on one side and Team Liquid’s wisdom and experience on the other side, the series was set for a great competition. But Team Liquid’s understanding of the game proved superior as they beat 2-0 to send them home.  

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In Game 1, Team Liquid had a superior draft in terms of hero counters which required to be immaculate on all their heroes. While did considerably well in the initial stages of the game, Team Liquid’s cores of Death Prophet and Spectre proved to be too hard to kill with all their implicit tankiness and the items picked up. They eventually got more powerful and ended the game in 39 minutes.

Game 2 was a banger of a match as it went all the way to 64 minutes. No team looked in any sorts of advantage during the entirety of the match even after secured the Mega creeps at 50 minutes. miCKe had grown into a monster by the latter stages of the game as he picked up a Rapier while the Io tethered and relocated him to pick off solo heroes and tried to hit Barracks even through the Backdoor. A final magnificent Io-Sven Relocate onto’s Ancient secured the deal for Team Liquid as were busy taking the Roshan. will be unhappy with this such a disappointing end to a game where there were ahead and in a tournament where they had performed significantly well. They are an impressive batch of players to look forward to. Team Liquid survives the elimination, only to face off against the most dominant team of EU/CIS Dota, Team Secret in another elimination series. 


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