Fans Are Not Happy With OG’s Experimental Drafts

Rakshak Kathuria
27/Oct/2020 12:59 pm

Fans complaint against OG's unusual drafting in their lost series against Alliance which eliminated them from ESL One Germany.
OG had picked Elder Titan for MidOne in a losing cause in both the games. In addition, in the second game, they chose a Topson Skywrath Mage and Saksa Ember Spirit.
OG fans said that they were being arrogant because of previous TI wins and they stuck to Elder Titan that had already lost the previous game badly.

OG got knocked out from ESL One Germany 2020 the previous weekend after it lost to Alliance 2-0 in the Lower Bracket R1. OG’s early elimination from the tourney saw a lot of fans in the Dota 2 community take to social media questioning their unusual drafting in their elimination series. OG had picked off-meta and unorthodox heroes for MidOne and Topson which has resulted in a lot of hue and cry from many of their fans.

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OG Style? Or Signs Of Overconfidence?

OG had a solid group stage result, reaching the playoffs with three out of four series wins. In the group stages as well, OG’s only loss had come against Alliance, a team that TI8-9 champions have struggled against recently. In the playoffs, OG were eliminated after two consecutive losses (to Na’Vi and Alliance) The elimination series marks OG’s 4 consecutive defeat against Alliance with this one coming in a rather dominating manner. 

In Game 1, OG had picked up Elder Titan carry for MidOne which was punished by Alliance as they dominated the game to win the map. From Game 1, it was clear that the Elder Titan carry strategy was hard to execute but OG relented with it in the second game as they topped it up with a position 4 Ember Spirit and a Skywrath Mage for Topson in the mid lane. Though this time, OG managed to come out on top of early teamfights , they explicitly lacked Roshan killing and tower pushing capability. Eventually, Alliance got to a point where they thrashed OG and won the series. 

After the loss, OG fans took to Reddit to express their frustration with OG’s “arrogance.”

OG has not been able to win any tournaments in recent times, one reason is Team Secret’s indomitable performances but still, they have also been unable to reach the Grand Finals in many leagues as well. According to the user, OG dwells in the past where they won TI and this is ruining their mentality. He says this, mentioning N0tail’s prematch interview before OG’s loss to Alliance where the latter looked confident saying that if TI was to happen the next week, OG would crush it easily. 

The related segment begins at 4:21:19 in the video below.

A user also commented on the Reddit post stating, “TI winning teams don't stay good forever, just ask any Na'vi or Alliance fan.”

Other Reddit threads also came up criticising OG’s desire to stick to a  draft that had already lost badly. 

Fans react to OG's weird draftingImage Via u/rioreiser

However, some fans also spoke in favour of the two-time TI champions as they highlighted the fact that OG had always been a team that theory crafted and brought forward amazingly bizarre drafts. With these drafts only, OG had managed to become the first team to lift the Aegis Of Champions.

Alliance’s coach and TI3 winner, Jonathan "Loda" Berg, also came in support of OG as he tweeted regarding the same.

OG has been trying a lot of new drafts recently but not all of them have not worked perfectly for them. This loss to Alliance may just be a failed attempt in trying to find something game-breaking by OG like their TI9 IO carry discovery. 

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For now, some of OG’s fans do not look happy with their current state of affairs but one can certainly expect them to bounce back and showcase what they are renowned for:the most entertaining yet effective Dota 2 we’ve seen. 


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