Nigma and OG Knocked Out Of ESL One Germany 2020

Rakshak Kathuria
26/Oct/2020 12:10 pm

Team Liquid beat Team Nigma 2-1 in a competitive series to eliminate them from ESL One Germany 2020.
Alliance dominate OG to defeat them 2-0 and knock them out of the tournament.
While KuroKy's absence seemed to haunt Nigma, OG had a very weird drafting style which did not work this time.

Two of the favourites to secure the runner-up position stronger teams at ESL One Germany 2020, OG and Team Nigma have been eliminated from the tournament in the first round of lower brackets. Team Liquid defeated Nigma 2-1 with the latter sorely missing KuroKy’s captaincy prowess against Liquid whereas OG lost 2-0 to Alliance, perhaps owing to their weird drafts. 

ESL One Germany 2020 PlayoffsImage Via Liquipedia

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Team Liquid Comeback To Secure a 2-1 Victory Over Nigma

In Game 1, Nigma had a better draft and they won all of their lanes as well. Liquid never really looked settled which forced some desperate moves from them that backfired and put them further behind in the game. As usual, Miracle- was immaculate on the Faceless Void as he ended the game in 31 minutes with a KDA of 16-0-13.

Game 2 was a complete draft from Team Liquid while Nigma tried the in meta duo of Magnus and Phantom Assassin. Team Liquid played the laning phase very aggressively as they killed w33 on the mid Necrophos multiple times during this period. While Miracle- had a free safe lane and was able to extract out a lot of form with Empower, Team Liquid had a superior draft and teamfight potential which rolled over Team Nigma. qojqva was flawless on a mid Storm Spirit as Team Liquid dominated Nigma to end the game with a scoreline of 49-18.

The third and decider match saw Liquid picking up all comfort heroes for themselves while Nigma drafted a weird lineup with a mid Phoenix for w33. This time again, Nigma was out drafted by Liquid as Nigma clearly seemed to miss the leadership of captain KuroKy in the drafting phase. Team Nigma never looked ready to fight as Liquid was exceptional in picking off heroes. Nigma eventually tapped out of the game in 35 minutes with a scoreline of 15-41.

With this, Team Nigma get knocked out of ESL One Germany 2020 after a rusty performance throughout the league. They looked dicey in the group stages but managed to secure a playoffs berth. Then, they faced an all dominant Team Secret in the Upper Brackets where, considering their current form, they were able to put up a strong show but lost the series 1-2. 

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Nigma will have some time off and then expect KuroKy to return for the upcoming Dota Summit 13 so as to get back to their winning ways. Team Liquid, on the other hand, survive the elimination series to move to the next round of lower brackets where they will face the loser of Na’Vi Vs

Too much experimentation for OG?

Game 1 witnessed a very weird but classic OG style of drafting as they picked up Elder Titan for MidOne, Riki for Topson and Vengeful Spirit for Ceb. OG’s clear aim was to fight continuously but the outcome was not in their favour as Alliance reacted perfectly and won all the team fights with a better and conventional lineup. The game was a massacre of heroes as it ended in Alliance’s favour with a total of 74 kills in just 32 minutes.

OG stuck to their unusual drafting methods in Game 2 as this time they picked up Skywrath Mage for Topson and again Elder Titan for MidOne. It was a lineup that needed to snowball from minute one, for OG to have a chance. To be fair, they managed to do so, at least to some extent as they came out stronger in the initial teamfights. Unfortunately, they had no tower push which allowed Nikobaby to become a beast on the Phantom Assassin. OG had no answers to Alliance’s draft in the latter stages of the game as the map ended in 40 minutes with Alliance taking the series 2-0.

OG has now lost 4 consecutive series to Alliance with this one coming in a rather one-sided manner. They went all-in in the series with some classic-OG style drafting but this time, it did not pay dividends. They are a team that will continue to try out various strategies and emerge stronger in the upcoming leagues.

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Alliance, on the other hand, survive the elimination as they will face their next match in the lower brackets against the loser of Team Secret Vs mudgolems.


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