MoonMeander: "If there is no NA scene, the game would die"

Rakshak Kathuria
23/Oct/2020 03:37 pm

MoonMeander spoke about NA teams, the instability of the current competitive scene because of Valve's lack of help and how the game could die.
MoonMeander stated that Quincy Crew is a top 6 team in the world. His team also may not be in the top 10 but can surely change the international teams.
According to him, if there is no NA region, the game is going to die eventually.

Ex-CR4ZY’s outspoken NA support player, David "MoonMeander" Tan spoke about his former organization CR4ZY, his experience in the North American region and Dota 2’s status during the pandemic in Daniel Offen’s Position 6 podcast. MoonMeander has been one of the most vocal players regarding the uncertainty of competitive Dota 2 and has openly expressed his opinions on Twitter over the last few weeks.

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MoonMeander’s Candid Statements About The NA Region

MoonMeander stated that their team of Ex-CR4ZY with hFn will stick together for the upcoming leagues. The organization of CR4ZY had released all of their esports rosters earlier this month citing the instability posed by the global pandemic.

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On being asked if he was enjoying this break or he wanted to get back to playing, MoonMeander replied,

“I understand this is a down period for Dota 2 because of the pandemic. However, some regions, unlike China and EU, don’t have the luxury of high priced tournaments. It’s okay to have a break. Playing online tournaments from homes for the last one year is a kind of break only though these tournaments are low priced but some kind of income was there.”

He also defends the NA region by saying that it has its own pros and cons. He says,

“We(The NA region) would love to prove ourselves as the international stage. According to me, Quincy Crew is a top 6 team in the world. As for us, we may not be in the top 10 but we will not get stomped by any team, maybe by Team Secret and OG, they are the top dogs. But we can stand toe-to-toe against other international teams.”

On being asked about why NA isn’t very popular globally and receives criticism, MoonMeander replied,

“There is a multitude of reasons. The way people talk in NA receives a lot of hate and backlash from the community. Another reason is the lack of tournaments in the scene. The third reason is that Dota isn’t organization friendly. Organizations can pay equally to players in Europe and will have a better tournament exposure and a bigger fan base."

Adding to his argument, he stated that the total earnings of Team Secret, OG and EG were almost 3x times more than the combined winnings of all Tier 2 teams. 

MoonMeander was asked about why most pro players were silent on Valve’s perceived mishandling of the professional scene, to which he replied by simply stating that these players have no reasons to “bite the hand that feeds them” while they make money while everyone else is suffering.

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At the last, he mentioned that there should be equal distribution of funds between various tiers and explained how Valve’s passiveness on the issue can kill Dota,

“If there is no NA scene, the game would die eventually, I promise you this. This happened in HoN where Europeans said we were fine with no American scene but it is not fine. When a game loses global interest, it will slowly die 100%. If League of Legends suddenly loses one region like NA, that game will become region-specific. Eventually, people in that region will lose interest in the game because the game is not global now."

MoonMeander is currently playing with his old teammates as a stack named catJAMMERS in the ongoing Dota Summit 13.


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