TNC Look Sloppy As They Draw The Series Against Army Geniuses

Rakshak Kathuria
23/Oct/2020 10:08 am

TNC Predator draw their third series of Dota Summit 13 1-1 against Army Geniuses.
While Army Geniuses bested TNC in Game 1, TNC bounced back in an equally dominating fashion to take Game 2.
TNC Predator have a challenging series scheduled for tomorrow as they take on Among Us.

After a very miserable loss against BOOM Esports at the Dota Summit 13 the previous day, TNC Predator faced the Indonesian squad of Army Geniuses in what was expected to be an easy win for the former. But Army Geniuses defied the odds to take one game off the SEA superstars. In what was a very quick BO2, TNC Predator and Army Geniuses managed to draw the series 1-1 as neither team won their respective games in a very swift and dominating fashion. 

Group Stage Standings After Day 3 of Dota Summit 13Image Via Liquipedia

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Army Geniuses Hold TNC Predator to a Tied Series

Game 1 proved to be a stomp by Army Geniuses as they won their first game of the tournament. The Indonesians were able to out draft TNC Predator who were not able to show any resilience in the game as well. A young team coming from the open qualifiers, Army Geniuses, managed to crush TNC Predator as their midlaner delivered a flawless performance on Magnus. The game ended in 30 minutes with a scoreline of 38-10 in Army Geniuses’ favour.

TNC Predator showcased their class in Game 2 as they out drafted and outplayed the Indonesians. TNC won the laning phase comprehensively and they pushed this advantage early as Army Geniuses were in no position to fight. Their heroes got picked off one by one and a teamfight in the midlane proved to be their doomsday as they tapped out of the game in just 25 minutes. 

While Army Geniuses have certainly shown a ray of hope by tying up the series 1-1, TNC Predator will not be happy considering their performances in the last two series. A win in Game 2 might please them a bit but considering the talent and experience their players possess, they have lacked synergy in their draft and in some crucial in-game decisions as well.

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TNC’s ex-captain March departed from the squad just days ago following a discouraging performance at BTS Pro Series 3. TNC has called in Whitemon to stand-in for the league and this new addition may be a reason that they lose focus at some important points. As the tournament progresses, one can expect TNC to look a lot more coordinated as a tough brawl awaits them tomorrow against Among Us. 


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