Arteezy, PPD, MATUMBAMAN & N0tail Banter About 11K MMR

Rakshak Kathuria
22/Oct/2020 01:36 pm

Professional players engage in a Twitter banter after CCnC reaches the 11K MMR mark.
ppd mockingly highlights the fact that MMR has no relationship with success by comparing total earnings of CCnC and his own.
MATUMBAMAN commended Arteezy's 11K MMR achivement and hoped he could reach the milestone soon.

On October 19, Arteezy became the first NA player and the eighth overall to reach the landmark of 11K MMR. Following this, he rubbed this on Quinn "Quinn/CCnC" Callahanfor for reaching this MMR before him. The very next day, Quinn was able to join his counterpart by becoming the 9th player in Dota 2 history to reach 11K MMR and he shared this achievement on Twitter. Professional players like PPD and N0tail replied to Quinn’s tweet with some good old fashioned Dota 2 banter entertaining Dota 2 fans.. 

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Earlier, MATUMBAMAN had also sarcastically responded to Arteezy after the latter reached 11K MMR.

ppd Jokes About RTZ and Quinn Reaching 11K MMR 

After Arteezy reached the 11K MMR mark just days ago, he mocked Quinn for reaching it before him. Now, only after a day, when Quinn was able to join him on this list, he shared it on Twitter. Arteezy replied to Quinn by stating, “Cya quinn” as he had dropped down from 11,000 to 10,910 MMR. 

Then came the funniest reply from TI5 winner, ppd as he teased CCnC by stating, “mmr is just a number guys cmon.” With it, he attached his and CCnC’s total earnings as professional players to jokingly highlight that there are some numbers more important than 11k MMR.

PPD Arteezy Cr1t MMR Earnings

Two time TI champion, N0tail also joined in the conversation and suggested that PPD’s statements rang true by stating: “I'm 350+ eu right now.” N0tail is currently the most successful player in esports with approximate total prize winnings of $6,930,196.58 USD.

MATUMBAMAN Responds to Arteezy’s 11K MMR Feat 

On October 19, Arteezy had reached the milestone of 11K MMR. The next day, MATUMBAMAN commended his friend Arteezy for reaching this feat and hoped he could also join him in this elite club with recalibration due for him in 8 days. 

Valve had recently announced that players can reset their MMR at their own discretion but in a systematic process. According to this, players need to wait for a certain period of time before they can recalibrate their MMR. 

In a reply to MATUMBAMAN’s tweet, Arteezy acknowledged Team Secret’s dominant winning streak by stating, “3 players 11k mmr still cant beat team secret... U dont need to be 11k matu.”

MATUMBAMAN banter with Arteezy

Arteezy had praised MATUMBAMAN back in July where he mentioned the latter’s hard work and humility. Arteezy had said that he had been looking up to MATUMBAMAN since 2015.

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It really is heartening to see players take things lightly and have a little bit of a wholesome banter amongst themselves in front of the public eye. After all, in one way or the other, we are all part of the Dota 2 community because we enjoy our time in this wonderful game.

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With Quinn joining the 11K MMR charts, 9 players are now in this top tier list. He also becomes the 2nd NA player to accomplish this achievement. MATUMBAMAN has recently been seen grinding a lot of MMR in the pubs and at the time of writing this, he stands at the number two spot behind Alliance’s Limmp in the Europe leaderboards. So, it is only a matter of time before we will witness MATUMBAMAN joining his friends in this novel list. 


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