4AM Get Demolished In Their Debut

Rakshak Kathuria
22/Oct/2020 10:56 am

4AM get comprehensively beaten in their debut series at CDA-FDC Professional Championship.
Royal Never Give Up beat 4AM 2-0 in a very dominating fashion as 4AM put up a very substandard performance.
4AM will look to bounce back in their next group stage matches on October 25 where they face Team MagMa followed by EHOME.

All that glitters is not gold! Elephant.4AM’s debut series has indeed proven it. 4AM with an all-star lineup featuring Yang, Maybe, fy, RedPanda and Eurus has certainly surprised the Dota 2 audience after they got destroyed by Royal Never Give Up (RNG) in their debut as a team at the CDA-FDC Professional Championship. It did not seem as if 5 superstars of the game were playing as they got beaten 2-0 by RNG.

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4AM’s Dismal Debut After A Hyped Up Roster Reveal

4AM’s much-anticipated premiere at the CDA-FDC Professional Championship after 2 months of speculations and controversies has certainly not turned out the way everyone expected. Considering the names they have on paper, everybody looked forward to some dominating performances from them and were also being considered as the favourites to win the league. But 4AM seemed to be very substandard in their debut performance and lost the series.

In Game 1, both the teams had individually good drafts and the match was equally poised after the laning phase as well. But 4AM seemed to lose hold of the game gradually as their heroes kept dying one by one. RNG played the team fights in a spectacular way as well to accelerate the lead even further. 4AM was able to drag back the game but it was not enough as RNG ended the game in 39 minutes with a 34-17 scoreline.

4AM had a very weird draft in the second game as they picked up a Windranger mid for Maybe, a Nightstalker for Eurus in the safe lane, Yang on the offlane Mars with the supports on Ogre Magi and Leshrac. They lacked synergy in their draft and had some damage problems. RNG had won all their lanes and pushed their advantage early to end the game in just 28 minutes. 4AM could only register 3 kills in this entire game as they got thrashed 2-0 by RNG.

4AM has definitely not delivered the performance that everybody expected of them. There could possibly be a problem with their in-game communication as they have only recently started playing as a team. Moreover, these players have not been playing competitive Dota 2 for a long time now so they might take some time to adjust to the Meta. 

4AM also doesn’t have rOtK coaching them from the sidelines as it was initially speculated. Perhaps the lack of a coach backing them is making 4AM misfire.

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As for now, the fans of 4AM will be disappointed at a very dreadful opening by the star-studded roster. 4AM with all the experience they possess will look to rectify the mistakes and look to win their next group stage matches against Team MagMa and EHOME which are scheduled on October 25.


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