Na’Vi RodjER Talks About Team Secret’s Success

Rakshak Kathuria
21/Oct/2020 03:18 pm

RodjER said that he was called by GeneRaL to play for FlyToMoon and after decent results, they decided to approach Na'Vi to play under their banner.
He stated that Team Secret is a group of 5 skilled players and they trust each other. Nobody knows their secret to success.
He also said that they feel the absence of a captain in some crucial moments and it was hard for someone to become a captain in the team.

Na’Vi Support, Vladimir "RodjER" Nikogosyan talked about various things in an interview on the organization’s Youtube page. He talked about playing for Na’Vi again, the team’s defeat to VP.Prodigy at OGA Dota Pit S3 and Team Secret’s recipe to success.

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RodjER’s On Why He Chose To Return to Na’Vi

RodjER joined FlyToMoon on September 20th after playing for the team as a stand-in at the Omega League. He talked about why he joined the team as a stand-in.

“GeneRaL called me to play with FlyToMoon at the Omega League. They didn’t consider anybody else and since I was a free agent and FlyToMoon showed good results, I was keen to join them. We stuck together and had some decent results. Though I had some offers from CIS and some European teams at that time, I wanted to stay on a stable team.”

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On being asked the reason to get signed with Na’Vi, RodjER replied,

“I felt we needed support in the form of bootcamps and motivation. Without an organization, we become casual but here we have a responsibility to perform well. Also, it is more satisfying to perform for an organization rather than a random stack. Even tournament organizers respect you and my mother also loves the club. 

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On being asked about Na’Vi’s performance at OGA Dota Pit S3, RodjER said,

“We finished 4th if I am not mistaken. We could have defeated VP.P had the games not been that late but it is for both teams. The results were good overall but we lacked a couple of things, maybe the draft also.”

RodjER on Team Secret’s Recipe For Success

RodjER was then asked about Team Secret’s secret to success to which he replied,

“Nobody knows. Iceberg says Puppey is a genius. They ( Team Secret) are a group of 5 top players with a great captain who knows how the game works. All of them know what they are supposed to do and trust each other.

At the end of the interview, RodjER also explained the role of a captain.

“That is a hard question. We are five skilled players in the team with a common goal but the only thing we lack is consistency or composure as we don’t have a captain. You just can’t become a captain out of anywhere. It requires a skillset and others need to respect you as well.”

Na’Vi has qualified for the playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020 where they will play against OG on October 23. It has also been ascertained through various sources that this squad will permanently get signed by Na’Vi if they reach the playoffs.


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