Havan Liberty Sets a New Networth Record in Pro Dota

Rakshak Kathuria
15/Sep/2020 12:25 pm

Havan Liberty creates a world record of highest networth lead
The networth advantage stood at 93k in their group stage match against Thunder Predator

Earlier today in the BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas, Havan Liberty went up against Thunder Predator in a BO2 Series in the Group Stages of the tournament. The matchup between the South American counterparts was supposed to be Thunder Predator favored, owing to its compelling performances in the recent times. Havan Liberty, on the other hand, looked lackluster with no series wins yet, in this tournament. However, to everybody’s surprise Havan Liberty emerged triumphant beating Thunder 2-0. But the most intriguing thing to notice was a gigantic 93k networth lead at the end of Game 1 for Havan Liberty setting a new record in competitive Dota 2.

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Record: The Biggest Ever Networth Advantage In Pro Dota 

You do not get to see such a massive networth lead everyday and Dota 2 statsman Noxville tweeted a data chart which showed it to be the biggest Gold advantage in the history of the professional Dota 2 scene.

Biggest Networth Difference in Dota 2 History

The top two gold differences over all time were attained in this same match which lasted for over 73 minutes. Havan Liberty was initially trailing by 10k networth at minute 24 when Thunder Predator took the middle set of barracks but they turned the tide with the in meta Sven-Io combo. There was constant brawling between the teams for the next 30 minutes but both were afraid to approach the high ground, apprehensive of a buyback play by the other team.

 At the 70 minute mark, Havan Liberty took the mega creeps and with Aegis claimed, ended the game in another 3 minutes. All this time, Leonardo “RdO” Fernandes on his carry Sven farmed like a madman ,achieving a whooping creep score of 1007. The networth chart at that time showed the networth lead of 93k, setting out a world record.

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The previous record for the highest networth lead of 91,213 was accomplished by Peruvian Team EgoBoys against Gorillaz-Pride in the DreamLeague Season 13 South America Closed Qualifier. 


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