Players, Talent React To Nigma’s Incredible Throne Defense

Vignesh Raghuram
6/Sep/2020 10:04 am

Earlier yesterday, Team Nigma pulled off one of the most incredible comebacks in the history of Dota 2 in their first game against Alliance in the WePlay! Omega League with an incredible base defense from Miracle's Arc Warden, carrying them to victory. 

Fans, teams, players and talent were all shell shocked by what he had just witnessed. Here are some of the best reactions of the lot.

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Players, Teams and Talent React To Nigma's Comeback

W33, MinD_ContRoL, S4 and Handsken's Reactions after the game

Nigma's comeback really got KuroKy's heart pumping.

Kuroky Tweet

Team Secret couldn't help but admire Nigma's defense and laugh at Alliance's misfortune of having to go up against that.

Team Secret Tweet on Nigma's Comeback

Alliance tried to meme things up, giving us a throwback to LodA's classic "Is that balanced" rant.

Alliance Tweet on Nigma Comeback

Even Miracle- agreed that the Arc Warden bubble was "rigged' and "pretty stupid".

OG offlaner Ceb used the opportunity to point out that this was the reason for why Dota 2 was considered the best game in the world.

Ceb Tweet after Nigma Comeback

Khezu thanked WePlay! for hosting the tournament which gave us this incredible moment

Khezu Tweet on Nigma

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What did you think of the Nigma comeback? Is that Arc Warden bubble balanced? Or does it need to be nerfed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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