Iceiceice, MidOne, RAMZES666 and Arteezy React to TI10 Being Postponed

Vignesh Raghuram
1/May/2020 07:11 am
  • Valve has announced that the International 10 has been postponed, likely to 2021.
  • However, Valve will be releasing the Battle Pass shortly.
  • Players and Teams have expressed their reactions on Social Media.

Well, Valve finally pulled the plug. They’ve announced that the International 10 has been postponed, likely to 2021 and that the Battlepass will come out in a few days.

This was certainly expected and not completely out of the blue. However, some pro players were still disappointed and did not hesitate to express it on Twitter.

Arteezy and iceiceice want to make streaming as their main career

RAMZES666 must be frustrated with being stuck in Russia while most of EG is in the USA

MidOne is not happy with no TI

Liquid Taiga is cutting onions to mask his tears

Nigma confirmed that they expected this announcement

Team Secret is inconsolable

OG agrees with Valve's decision

Personally, we at AFK Gaming blame AdmiralBulldog for this fiasco. Every time, he tries to go to TI something bad happens. This time when Valve tried to defy the universe and bring the TI to him, TI10 gets postponed.

It looks like we all have to wait for quite a while for TI10. It is not a big surprise really. Considering the fact that bigger tournaments like the Olympics and the Euros have been moved to 2021 due to travel restrictions, this was expected. But the confirmation of this decision to postpone TI still hits quite hard.


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