Execration and Cignal Ultra Cleared Of Match Fixing Allegations

Vignesh Raghuram
13/Aug/2020 07:49 am

Earlier this week, the organizers of the OMEGA League, WePlay! stated that they were investigating a group stage match between Execration and Cignal Ultra OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division after suspicions of match fixing. Now after their investigations, WePlay! has ruled that none of the participants played in bad faith indicating that neither of the two teams were match fixing.

Execration and Cignal Ultra Cleared of Match Fixing Suspicions By WePlay!

The statement released by WePlay! stated that the organizers’ multiple inquiries did not find any concrete data to confirm that either party was match fixing.

“Recently, we have heard many allegations regarding matches in the Asian region of OMEGA League. We’ve followed up on each of them and launched multiple inquiries.

As announced earlier, we had certain concerns about the match between Execration and Cignal Ultra, which took place on August 9, 2020. Throughout the last couple of days, we talked to the representatives of the team who were originally accused of possible match-fixing and other parties.

The betting companies confirmed that the match spawned unusual activity, but it did not point at the fact that any party was involved in match-fixing. The data we received suggests that unknown parties were heavily betting on the victory of Cignal Ultra, which did not take place. 

In the case of the August 9, 2020, Execration 2:1 Cignal Ultra series, we rule that none of the participants played in bad faith.”

The match between Execration and Cignal Ultra took place on August 9. Execration won the first game, while Cignal Ultra took the second game. Execration won the third game to win the series 2-1. 

Chinese Team Convicted Of Match Fixing 

However, WePlay! also added that their contacts at betting companies had provided evidence of a Chinese team (LING ER) intentionally losing a game in the OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division. Hence they have been disqualified from the tournament.

Hence the players of Linger,

  • Yeo ”TigerCat" Chun Kiat
  • Wang “??" Jie
  • Law “????" Chee Hoong
  • Liew “Bee" Wei Hang
  • Hao “76561198125784995" Zeng

will be banned from competing in any event organized by WePlay! Esports and Epic Esports Events for one year.

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The OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division features a USD 40,000 prize pool and is scheduled to take place online, from 1st to 22nd August 2020. 12 teams from Southeast Asia and China are competing in this tournament.


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