S4 and Fng Talk About The Offlaner’s Return To Alliance

Vignesh Raghuram
4/Aug/2020 01:38 pm

Alliance’s captain and offlaner Gustav "s4" Magnusson commented on why he chose to come back to the Alliance organization in a recent interview. The offlaner also revealed that he feels more confident in the current lineup and that it was nice to finally have people who listen to him in-game.

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S4 Joined AllianceS4 Joined Alliance For The 3rd Time in April 2020 |
Screengrab From Redbull

S4’s Words On His Return To Alliance

Responding to a question which asked him what it felt like to come back to Alliance, S4 said:

“Yeah, for the third time (laughs), I’ve been leaving and coming back a lot.

It’s nice. I think I was asked this question in another interview. I said that it is nice to have people actually respect you and listen to you (like my ideas about the game), so I feel more confident as a person. 

I play around these players in Alliance who have a lot of potential as well because they haven’t really won anything big compared to my old teams and that can be quite a good thing to have, they actually have that hunger.”

Fng On S4: “I don't deny that he's underperforming at some point”

In another interview that Fng had with Mrs. Marple, the CIS player also revealed his thoughts on S4’s comeback. He stated:

“In general, I think that Gustav (S4)'s problem at the moment… I don't deny that he's underperforming at some point. But I generally believe that this applies to me and to every member of this team, everyone is making mistakes. 

You have to understand that Gustav currently has the captain and leadership role on the team. As long as the mechanism of the team works at the level when people already know what they need to do and he just goes in, focused on his game and gives some global calls, then there will be no problems. But right now, we enter the game and he gives calls in the first minute, third, fifth, tenth, in fact until the 30th minute.

We are working on reducing this responsibility from Gustav, so that conditionally I could coordinate as a support the early stage of the game and the guys coordinate the mid-game, so that we know how to act in a macro game.”

Fng Stand in For AllianceFng was brought in as a Stand-In for Alliance in April 2020. But it looks like Alliance has extended the duration of the loan.

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S4 and Alliance will be competing in the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division.


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