Unconfirmed: Female Anti Mage Persona Releasing Soon - Eul Hints

Vignesh Raghuram
10/Jul/2020 04:33 pm

Dota Developer has Eul hinted that Wei - The Female Anti Mage persona will release soon for TI10 Battle Pass owners. The new Anti Mage persona named “THE DISCIPLE'S PATH” will turn the hero into a female named Wei. It is unlocked at Level 305 in TI10 Battle Pass.

Edit: Since posting this article, we suspect that this Twitter account may not belong to the actual Dota developer Eul. AFK Gaming has been unable to verify the authenticity of this account.

It has been close to a month since the release of the Eminence of Ristul - Queen of Pain Arcana. Which means that no TI10 Battle Pass content has dropped, unless you count the TI10 Battle Level Bundle and the Collector’s Cache as Battle Pass content. Dota 2 fans have expressed their frustration about this online. 

With the Summer Event and the Immortals being delayed, that frustration has understandably increased even further. However, it looks like Valve is finally ready to quench Dota 2 fans thirst for new TI10 Battle Pass content.

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Wei - the Anti-Mage Persona Releasing Soon According to Dota 2 Dev

Finally, it looks like Valve is releasing some content. One of the Dota 2 developers Eul has hinted that Wei - the Anti Mage persona is releasing soon.

Kyle “Eul” Sommer is the original inventor of the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) mod in Warcraft 3. He developed his map inspired by Aeon of Strife (AoS), a Starcraft custom map. In Dota 2, the item: Eul's Scepter of Divinity is named after the developer as a tribute. He was hired by Valve in 2012.

The game that Eul is referring to in his Tweet is one of the most legendary carry performances in Dota 2 and The International history. Chinese legend Xu "BurNIng" Zhilei almost single-handedly carried Team DK to hand Alliance their first defeat in TI3. Alliance was on a 24 game winning streak across multiple tournaments before this game.

Here are some of the highlights from that game.

Details of the Anti Mage Persona in TI10 Battle Pass

The new Anti Mage persona named “THE DISCIPLE'S PATH” will turn the hero into a female named Wei. It is unlocked at Level 305 in TI10 Battle Pass.

The lore description in The International 10 (TI10) Battle Pass reveal reads:

“From the ashes of the Turstarkuri faith, the world sees a new lineage rise. Trained in the lost ways by her adopted mentor the Anti-Mage, the disciple Wei has been called upon by the Tyler Estate to put her practice to the final test—and find out if she's truly ready to face the world of magic and bring the wizards of these realms to their vile knees.”

The Tyler Estate is an institution with an unknown mission. It appears to be opposed to magic, hiring Anti Mage and Nortrom (aka Silencer)to work for them in capturing renegade magic users like Mireska, aka Dark Willow.

The International 10 Battle Pass was released on 25th May 2020. 25% of the funds collected from the purchase of Battle Pass or levels will go towards The International 10 (TI10)'s prize pool. TI10 has become the third biggest esports tournament in history.


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